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In Spain

With Rob Blum

October 1999

NOT jumped in Rob's pocket as he left on another of his trips. All he heard was the word "Toledo" and he packed his best Ohio-wear and prepared for the heartland. Unfortunately, he didn't watch close enough, and next thing NOT knew, he was on a plane to Europe. Again. 

Now NOT likes to think he's a very cosmopolitan duck.  With the emphasis on 'likes to think.'  Unfortunately, his command of Spanish ends with Taco and Enchilada. So needless to say he stayed very close to his traveling companions lest he be lost without even the ability to say Yes. 

It didn't hurt that it was rainy too (for despite being a duck, NOT is not fond of getting wet). So NOT stayed close by Jason and Jeff outside on of the entry gates in Toledo, Spain. 

However, NOT warmed up to this Spain thing when he found out that Toledo, besides being a city in Ohio, is also known for its armor, and swords. He just wished that they made armor in his size. 

In order to keep NOT from impaling himself, or hacking off one of his traveling companions' toes (he has a limited reach), the group high tailed it out of there for Madrid. 

What the group wanted to do was to live the high life, so they hung out near the Royal Palace in Madrid, hoping that NOT could show off his inherent cuteness and snag some hospitality for the group from a princess.

Unfortunately, there were no Princess Brides to be found, so they were reduced to staying in a Madrid apartment instead. Jason didn't seem to mind. 

After Madrid, it was off to Barcelona. NOT got all excited at the prospect of seeing the Olympic games, until Rob gently reminded him that he was 7 years too late. NOT went off to pout, hiding in a Gaudi sculpture at La Pedrera. NOT always wanted to be a work of art. 

"Wow, their churches look like they are made out of mud." thought NOT. "Can you say 'adobe'?"

NOT did not appreciate the architecture of the Sagrada Familia church, also by Gaudi.  


But after all that, NOT did find an appreciation for the local waterfowl. While visiting the courtyard of the cathedral courtyard, NOT finally met some of the locals. But before he could ask them how they were doing, they seemed to swim away. Which was for the best, for this way NOT couldn't embarrass himself with his lack of Spanish skills, even to say Hola. 

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Photos courtesy of Rob Blum

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