I'm going to Salt Lake City!

Vancouver, Canada

With Bob and Kat

February 1999

Dum dum da dah dum
Dum dum, da dah dum
Dah dah da da da da da
Dum dum da dum de da duh da dah da dah dum....

With a big smile on his beak, NOT duck dreamed of shushing down the mountain, skiing in the winter Olympic games.  

Now it didn't bother him in the least that he'd never been skiing before. That was a minor inconvenience at best. After all, he was a smart duck, he hung around colleges and smart people. He could figure it out. 

Besides, snowshoes were not that different from duck webbed feet - how bad can skis be?

And if snowshoes are easy, then snowboarding should be even easier. After all, you only  need to keep track of one shoe. 

So it was off to the great white north to get his footing. So to speak. And become an Olympic class skier. 

And if he goes to Canada, he'll be far away from his friends who will laugh at him. So it was not only across the border, but across the continent - to Vancouver. 

His friends Kat and Bob took him to a ski resort. Whistler Village. NOT was insulted. Having no lips, he couldn't very well whistle, could he.

Of course, when he found out he would be hanging out on top of a glacier, he thought "Maybe I'm glad I can't whistle after all."

He got ready for his first ski run lesson. He was bundled up, grabbed his equipment and got ready to go up, riding in the big gondola.




To the top.

And then it hit NOT. Snow. Snow. Snow.

Snow everywhere! 

Why, he's just a small duck. Some of those snow balls are bigger than he is! This is not good. 

While NOT might be festooned with bright orange and green, if his friend Kat can get almost lost in the snow, then what might happen to NOT???????

And with that revelation, not ended his Olympic skier career. Before even taking one run down the mountain. 

Rather, NOT decided he liked the lodge better. He would become a new breed of snow bunny. A snow duck. 

"Great Run Kat."
"Looking good Bob"

He could get used to this.

Especially when he found out that there was a Garibaldi Lift Company for his Babylon 5 friends.

So it was time to get away from the snow and back to the sun. 

Unfortunately for NOT, the only sun he could find, was the Vancouver Sun newspaper. 

Poor NOT.

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Photos courtesy of Katherine Leach and Bob Weisenseel

Last Updated March 2001