Doing Just Peachy

Atlanta, GA

WesTrek '99

September 1999

All that driving along the south makes a duck (and usually his companion) thirsty. So when arriving in Atlanta, where would one pause to be refreshed but at the World of Coke. Celebrating all things Coke, just without the cocaine (or New Coke).

But where's New Coke?

Little did they expect, but hidden amongst the display were two celebrities who endorsed coke. Santa Claus and Buddy Lee, of the famous Lee jeans commercials. JJ and NOT tried to say Hi to both of them, but the glass got in the way.

Santa and Buddy Lee

Atlanta was once a central terminal for railroading. Now, though, there is less rail traffic than in the past. Part of the problem may be that the trains are being made out of brick. But NOT found out that a cattle-catcher can also be a duck-catcher.


After visiting CNN, NOT was very disappointed that he didn't get a chance to meet James Earl Jones. This is not CNQuack.

This is CNQuack

But there was also time for shopping, though NOT wasn't sure what kind of outfit he had would go with this belt. Besides, it was a bit big for him, and he was not a fan of gaudy buckles.

Pin you!

And to contemplate other kinds of wrestling, he stopped by the Centennial Olympic Park. Here he found the founder of the modern Olympic games, and he tried to convince him that a duck in hand is worth doves in the rings. The idea bombed.

To the Olympics.

But while in the area, being interested in improving himself, NOT contemplated law school. Seeing that he knew other lawyers and they weren't all bad, he'd look into it. Spending time with Jill Hollander, he found that he didn't like arguing a case, especially when he can't see over the podium.

The Right to Bear Ducks.

But Atlanta was not all backwards - what better way to break Yom Kippur fast than with a donut? While bagels are usually thought of as Jewish, donuts are trying to make their inroads.

Would you like sprinkles on your hebrew?

While in Atlanta, NOT wanted to rock. Instead he had to settle for stone. Stone Mountain that is, the largest exposed piece of granite in the world. Onto the side of it is carved the biggest bas-relief carving in the world, depicting the leaders of the Confederacy. What great stone heads! 

Ride em Stony

The top affords a nice view of the countryside too, and the skyline of Atlanta.

I can see for miles and miles

But alas, the trip took it's toll on Inga, and she suffered a flat.

You've deflated me.

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Photos (and some puns) courtesy of David Backman

Prepared Fall 1999.  Last updated June 2006