It's In The Water - Dam It!

On to the Deserts of Arizona

WesTrek '99

August 1999

Now Vegas was anything but a dry town when the guys were there. But soon after leaving, they realized that it was a mere oasis in a big old dry desert. So when someone is upset and thirsty, do they damn the aridness? No they dam the river!  Which is exactly what they did when they made the Hoover Dam. (O.K. - it also provides electricity for California, but don't get technical).

Hoovers that Don't Suck More Hoover

Not had never experienced a Hoover that didn't suck so he enjoyed it. That and the thought of all that water ready for him to swim in.  He knew that his Civil Engineering friends in Boston would have loved to see this.

When you get away from the water though, you see dust. Lots of it. All over the place. They even make storms out of it (oh those industrious Southwesterners). Lucky for NOT and Dave near Casa Grande, AZ.

Dust Storm near Casa Grande, AZ

So to combat this dryness it was time to get to water again, this time Lake Havasu. But when they got there, they could have thought they were on the Thames River, not a lake. Before them was London Bridge, bought and moved to Arizona earlier this century. NOT was very careful around it though, he had heard that it was falling down, but no bricks hit the little duck.

London Bridge was not falling down. Where's the Fish and Chips?

Now Dave and NOT are two young, single men (er, males), so it was time to drop the top and hit the open road, to get their kicks on the famous Route 66. Unfortunately, Inga is not a convertible (thought she does have a sunroof), and Route 66 didn't go to Phoenix, where the duo were heading. But it was the idea that counted!

Get Your Kicks

So it was on to Phoenix to see if the bird really did rise from the ashes, and what kind of city made the capital of the state.

A Dry Heat

And what do you find in a capital, but the capitol building, right?

AZ capitol AZ Capitol

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Photos (and some puns) courtesy of David Backman

Prepared Fall 1999.  Last updated June 2006