Divide? Can't We All Just Get Along

More of Colorado and the Continental Divide

WesTrek '99

July 1999

When it was time to move along out of Denver and environs, it's time to find the real Colorado. The land of gorges. The land of mountains.

The land of four foul mouthed crudely animated characters who are the center of TV comedy.

Going Down to South Park

No, we will not ask NOT about Mr. Hankie.

The area of Colorado though was Gorge-ous. NOT contemplated doing the Bungee jump off the Royal Gorge bridge since it was the highest in the world. But then again, if God intended him to jump off a bridge, he would have given him wings. Oh wait... Never mind.

It's sooo High It's sooo High

But of course, "all work and no quack makes NOT a dull duck" around the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, which inspired The Shining. Funny, the blood usually gets off on the second floor. Here's Ducky!

Heres' Ducky!

Despite the calendar saying July, NOT had to watch out for those marauding snowfields, as warned on the sign. Meanwhile, Dave and NOT get Rocky Mountain High

It's snowfields wiht big nasty teeth! Rocky Mountain High!

The Rocky Mountain National Park shows is truly where East meets Davet. And it's all downhill from here.

The Continental! Divide, but don't Conquor

Home to Mrs. Z's

After all that mountain work though, it was time to find Mrs. Zardoz and get a floating stone head burger.

NOTE: If you don't get this, don't worry. It's an inside joke

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Photos (and some puns) courtesy of David Backman

Prepared Fall 1999.  Last updated June 2006