Hooray for Hollywood

Hobnobbing in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, California

WesTrek '99

August 1999

Continuing down the California Coast,  Dave and NOT came closer and closer to that home of entertainment earthquakes, riots, O.J. and dreams - Los Angeles. NOT has been known to watch a few movies in his time some with stone heads and some without, and he became wide eyed at the possibility of seeing some movie stars.

"Who knows, maybe I'll even be discovered myself," thought NOT, trying to decide which side of his bill was his better side. 

Hooray for Hollywood

The first stop of course was to visit Mann's Chinese Theater, to follow in the footprints of the stars, both human, and avian (kind of).

Manns Theater

You could never understand what he was saying. Manns Theater: Boldy Go Where No One Has Gone Before

"In a parallel universe," NOT mused, "where Ducks were the dominant life form, would this be called 'Bird's Chinese Theater'?"

And flushed with the chance to put his wing in the prints of such television and movie stars, NOT needed to feel even closer to his heroes, especially acting legend William Shatner.  "I   can    find     his   star!" NOT emoted. He surprised himself with the power of his Shatner rendition, even without the toupee', and looked down only to find his inspiration lay just below his (webbed) feet.

It's Right Here Spock!

Flush with his sighting of idol Shatner's star, NOT wanted to find more celebrities - maybe even some real live ones. So he began to wander the city in search of someone famous to play with. But you know, for a city the size of Los Angeles, celebrities were not to be seen often. Frustrated, he perched himself on a famous corner and assessed the situation.

Avoiding the Wolves at Hollywood and Vine

And still nothing! And the smog and construction were starting to play havoc with his flying ability, limited as it is. Exasperated, he exclaimed "No wonder celebrities are hard to find, everywhere there is road work. I mean, look at this big lake of Tar over here at La Brea - these Fossil Pits would play havoc with my feathers. I've been looking in the wrong places though. I should be checking out the studios for celebrities." And thus NOT went off in search of someone to sign his autograph book.

Tar for the Feathered

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Photos (and some puns) courtesy of David Backman

Prepared Fall 1999.  Last updated June 2006