Is this heaven? No, it's Iowa.

Visiting the Hawkeyes

WesTrek '99

June 1999

Travel through the Midwest seems to take NOT (and Dave too, since he's driving) across the state of Iowa several times. Though they never did find their Field of Dreams.

First the duo had to make a swing by Davenport, just to get over the river from Illinois. 

Davenport, IA

Then in another pass, it was a drive through Des Moines, and a requisite swing by the state capitol building, as part of the collection.

Des Moines Capitol

Then it was off to go check out the start of the paragon of American toughness: The birthplace of John Wayne in Winterset. NOT was not an impressed pilgrim, especially with all this talking about some woman named Marion. He couldn't wait to Move 'Em Out.

You Taking to Me Pilgrim?

So instead of some John Wayne, NOT wanted to follow along the course of another famous tough guy - Clint Eastwood, even though squint was showing his "sensitive" side then, when he directed the Bridges of Madison County. Not visited a bridge or two but didn't see Clint, or any photographer than Dave. Though maybe Dave was hoping to meet that nice farm wife...You never know.   Still, it was just a bridge, though it made neat creaking noises that NOT found exciting.

Francesca - where are you?

Outside of Iowa, however, is Independence, Missouri where the Kansas City Royals play. There NOT had a brush with celebrity - getting to get up close and personal with Sluggerrr [yes, 3 R's], the Royals' mascot.

I ain't Lion to you.

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Photos (and some puns) courtesy of David Backman

Prepared Fall 1999.  Last updated June 2006