It's So Mammoth!

Going to my Old Kentucky Home

WesTrek '99

June 1999


The life of a Secret Agent Duck is a lonely one, and rarely does one get to take a vacation. Yet fate would have it that NOT found himself recently back visiting Kentucky, and near Fort Knox, where he once faced the evil Goldfeather - a villain he would later chase across Europe. He was glad to see the tanks guarding the space, as he secretly checked things out. (Agent Double O Quack is hidden in the second "E" of Welcome).

Not Alice's Restaurant

Attempting to blend in with American Culture, he strayed to one of the funkier cafes in existence in Louisville, KY. Kathryn Tillett showed him some of the finer points of the place, including a pair of pants made of teabags. "I'll have to give Q that idea when I return. You never know when you will need a cup of tea," he pondered.

They're So Big!

Secret agents hate to be out in the sunlight too long though - it might let someone see them. So he quickly decided to go underground. Literally. As luck would have it, not too far away was the Mammoth Cave National Park-the largest cave system in the world. With over 350 miles worth of caves to get lost in. He grabbed his friend Dave and jumped in his Aston Martin, roaring down the road.

Guiding in the Dark.

At the cave, he met a young guide - Ranger Davis - who shared an appreciation for rather phallic rock formations. It made NOT nostalgic for London again, and Miss Moneybeak. It was time to return to her.

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Photos (and some puns) courtesy of David Backman

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