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WesTrek '99

June 1999

The scourge of the Internet is now called spam. However, NOT was always a fan of the concoction that comes in that little tin (No, not S'Meat but close). So of course, when it came time for a trip north, A swing by SPAMTown, USA, also known as the SPAM Museum in Austin, Minnesota, well he had to jump at the chance.  Here he gets a chance to meet one of his tin friends up close and personal.

Spam Me!

And what better to wash down some Spam but a great big cherry sundae! Unfortunately, on this sculpture "Spoonbridge and Cherry" in the sculpture garden in St. Paul, the cherry is a good number times bigger than our avian hero.

Spoon Me Baby!

Still with no birdseed, NOT needed his vegetables. Unfortunately, just like with the Span, and the cherry, he found that things here in Minnesota are so much larger than life. This time, he was trying to get his vegetables out of the Jolly Green Giant, who was not that talkative after all. Ho Ho Ho!

Ho Ho Ho

To to find a good post Spam meal, it was time to visit the largest indoor mall in America - the Mall of America. Shop till you Drop!   Unfortunately, there were shops, roller-coasters and all, but no birdseed stands. Alas.

Shop Till You

Frustrated, he took off in search of the capitol building in St. Paul. Maybe someone would help him there find something duck sized to eat.

St. Paul Dome

There he found the office of the Governor - the famous Jesse "The Body" Ventura. Unfortunately, the governor was not there, which was probably best for NOT since everything else in MN was larger than life, so should the governor. Instead, he had a very nice visit with the governor's secretary, Maureen McCue, who took a liking to the duck and luckily had some birdseed in her desk to share. NOT was content.

With the Governor's Secretary

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Photos (and some puns) courtesy of David Backman

Prepared Fall 1999.  Last updated June 2006