In A Big Quack Country

Montana and the 10,000 Mile Mark

WesTrek '99

July 1999

While racking up miles and required oil change, Davetrek reached it's 10,000 miles mark in, appropriately enough, Miles City, Montana. NOT was disappointed that it was not named for Chief O'Brien

10,000 Miles and Still Quacking

Of course Montana is the land of large open roads, no speed limits and miles between towns. So it's time for the pair to set off again to discover America. [It's also the land of the Unabomber, Separatist Supremacists and celebrity ranches, but NOT chose not to think about those things.]

The human seems to have a need to leave his mark wherever he goes. Historical figures have always done this and the ball starts rolling. I mean, don't you think that maybe George Washington wrote on a couple of bedroom walls that he slept there before it became a rallying cry?

Well so did Lewis and Clark. While at Pompey's Pillar, Clark stopped to scratch his name into the rock there for all to see. Lewis became so disgusted by this wanton act of vandalism that he packed up and moved to France to become a national treasure.

Where's the other one?

"So Custer was a promising Calvary officer, eh?" mused NOT. Well, in the end, at Little Bighorn Battlefield, he's still just as dead.

What Indians?

Well then after Montana, it was a chance to swing on down to Wyoming once again (after Devil's Tower pulled them to the state once).

This time it was Yellowstone National Park, where NOT could splash in the warm water of the natural springs.

Why Would the Statue of Liberty Wear *That*? Unfortunately, the first spring he found was a bit dry. "But it's a Dry Heated Spring" he quacked!
Then the mountain rumbled like it had had a Burrito also. NOT left with the plumes of steam escaping, looking for less gas and more water. What was that noise?
Is someone smoking? I can count on Old Faithful to give me some steam though - where's Peter Gabriel when you need him?
It's faithful all right! It's a gusher!

Ride Me!

Stop Dragon along - there's more to this trip!

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Photos (and some puns) courtesy of David Backman

Prepared Fall 1999.  Last updated June 2006