Fear of NOT and Flying

Outside Atlanta, and North Carolina

WesTrek '99

September 1999

As Dave and NOT left Atlanta, the duo found that the state of Georgia does truly go crazy over its peaches. However, it still does not mean that peaches look like giant butts, as NOT observed off of highway 75. The only problem is that this was not Georgia, but South Carolina. So much for the Peach State.

Just Peachy

And the influence of such sights was not lost on NOT, as he observed the sign from a southern gentleman who drove a truck with the sign "Cold Weather Makes Them Prettier! Flash Me?"  NOT and Dave kept their tops on.

In Greensboro, NC, NOT got to visit Anadri Chisolm and Terry Noel and wish them good luck on their wedding. They looked a pretty perky for the next morning after the ceremony and reception.

The Happy Couple

When traveling along Route 95, you are greeted by miles and miles of billboards, enticing you to come stop by South of the Border just like Pedro says. This is the southern version of the Wall Drug signs in the upper midwest. Needless to say, NOT had to make a run for the border. In this case, its south of the North Carolina-South Carolina border. But still, with a giant Pedro, how could he resist? No word if "Pedro sez 'Quack'."

Pedro says Quack!

But one stop that was very important to NOT was Kitty Hawk. Especially once Dave explained that he didn't have to fear cats or raptors. Instead, he could pay homage to where the first powered flight took place, opening up travel to NOT, and everyone else for that matter. Funny, NOT noticed there was no monument to the inventor of airline food.

Fly Me! Bless you Orville and Wilbur

NOT was dismayed, however, to find that Duck, N.C. is not a fun place to be. Good thing he left his skates at home. 


And going from no fun to worse, what did NOT stumble across but the Dismal Swamp. A well named tract of land it's filled with clouds of mosquitoes along the North Carolina, Virginia Border.

A Dismal Place

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Photos (and some puns) courtesy of David Backman

Prepared Fall 1999.  Last updated June 2006