It's Bis-re-marck-able

Travels in North Dakota and the Center of the US

WesTrek '99

July 1999

While our intrepid traveler once found the center of the contiguous united states in Kansas, the center of the entire United States lies in a different place once Alaska throws things all off.

Geographic Center of the US

So of course NOT had to get stuck in the middle all over again, this time in Belle Fourche, SD.

Actually, the sign lies 20 miles south of the actual location due to the fussy owner of the actual spot that is the geographic center of the US. So much for truth in markers.

That seen, however, it allowed NOT to see the excitement that North Dakota has to offer. Hankering for some of that champagne music, there was a visit to the birthplace of Lawrence Welk in Strasburg. Aone anna two..."NOT still couldn't carry a tune.

A wonnerful a wonnerful

So then it's off to the state capital in Bismarck and the state capitol building (notice anything South Dakota?) NOT was a bit taken aback though by the one of the few state capitol buildings without a dome. What happened?

Where's the Dome?

Well of course, the Aliens took it. And we're nowhere near Roswell, New Mexico

Take me to your Fries!

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Photos (and some puns) courtesy of David Backman

Prepared Fall 1999.  Last updated June 2006