Davet through the NorthDavet

A Run to the Pacific Through Oregon and Washington

WesTrek '99

July 1999

When crossing the plains and deserts, one becomes more and more aware of one thing: Water. The throat wants it, the plants want it and the car wants it. And being east coasters, both travelers were getting a bit sick of not being near the ocean. So it was the Pacific here we come. In order to get there, however, there are other bodies of water to cross.

Hail Columbia - Near Boardman, Oregon

It's ironic to get to the ocean, one must cross the river, in this case the Columbia River.

If one is going to do a crossing though, one should do it in style. That's NOT's view when he came across the "Bridge of the Gods" over the Columbia River.

Go with the Gods

"Life May Be Rough, But We're Sailing With the Lord" as Sting says.

England had Stonehenge, that the pair had seen. Nebraska had Carhenge. So why should Washington not have its own Stonehenge. This time more of a Concretehenge. 

Celmenthenge Cementhenge

Near Maryhill, Washington Sam Hill erected the Stonehenge War Memorial. Some of the townspeople were less than awed by his actions, asking "Why in the Sam Hill did he build this?" (seriously).

If he couldn't find the ocean, at least NOT found some friends in the unlikeliest of places: the Maryhill Museum in Maryhill, WA.

First he compared his visage with the statuesque glass form (Duck Under Glass, Made of Glass):

Duck under glass

and then sucked in his gut contemplating going skinny dipping with the woman in the painting.

Rub a dub duck

Finally, after 2 months of travel, the ocean loomed in front of them: the mighty Pacific.

Signs warned to "Drive and Park Only On uppermost Hard Packed Sand. No Driving In or Near Surf." Unfortunately, the sign was not in Swedish, so Inga did not see it, and got a little bit stuck.

Don't Park There!

That didn't deter the two as NOT looks ever westward, out towards Asia, simply out of habit of staring west for most of this leg of the trip. But a continent had been traversed and a new ocean lay ahead, where the sun *set* over it. Wow. Will wonders never cease?

The Pacific.

"Looks Just like the Atlantic," sniffed NOT.

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Photos (and some puns) courtesy of David Backman

Prepared Fall 1999.  Last updated June 2006