The Quack is Out There

Mysterious Goings On in Roswell, NM

WesTrek '99

September 1999

Driving through the Painted Desert, alone with his thoughts, Special Agent Duck Mulder knew that the truth is out there. What he doesn't expect is to find the truth hovering over the next bend in the road: a cloud shaped like the famous Starship Enterprise. Were there aliens to be found in the southwest? Was there a governmental conspiracy covering it all up? All signs pointed him onward.

Enterprising Clouds Hover Overhead

Special Agent Duck Mulder's investigation led him to the National Atomic Museum. Where most tourists saw only the displays, he found a back room where experiments with radiation were still being conducted right under the noses of the public! A conspiracy, for sure.

Experiments with Radiation!

Still at the National Atomic Museum, our feathered agent discovers a shocking secret: Fat Man and Little Boy were here in storage! So what had been dropped over 50 years ago... and had it been dropped by aliens? He vowed to find out.

Fat Man was still here- 50 years later

Little Boy Also - what was going on?

Like the Fat Man, Little Boy was still here. It was time to continue the investigation.

Special Agent Duck Mulder's instincts told him that aliens were involved in this case. what better place to seek visitors from space than the National Radio Astronomy Observatory's Very Large Array? And considering his suspicions of alien weaponry, was it only a coincidence that the letters 'NRA' were in National Radio Astronomy?

Alien Signals?

As Jodie Foster had done in Contact Duck Mulder listened to the heavens in the hopes of hearing a signal from an extra-terrestrial source. Instead, every satellite was tuned to a different radio station - all playing different Shania Twain songs!  Why were no signals from space being studied?

Dishing the Aliens

Of course..there was a secret dish that was communicating with aliens! Locked away in a hanger, invisible to the public, this dish was receiving coded communications from spacecraft hovering far above the globe. All our agent could decode were coordinates that led him east.

The Secret Dish!

Never in all his years had Duck Mulder seen the conspiracy make such a foolish mistake. Here at the purported testing site for the Manhattan Project, he learned that Trinity was no more than a roadside stand, without a mushroom cloud in sight. Where were the aliens who must truly be the ones in power. He continued going east from Alamagordo.

I Am Death, Destroyer of Worlds

After so many investigations, knowing that the truth was out there but never finding proof, Mulder was shocked when an alien craft dropped from the sky and landed in front of him. This was truly the culmination of years of searching. Before he had much time to dwell on this, a portal opened in the craft.

The Ship Lands!

Special Agent Duck Mulder and David Scully greet RALF (Roswell Alien Life Form), who escorts them inside his spaceship. RALF takes great pride in showing off his artwork depicting a crash in Roswell many years ago, when his uncle made first contact with humanity. However, RALF confounds the investigation by explaining that he and the other aliens were pacifists and have never given weapons technology to earthlings.

With the Alien!

Before  our agents can question RALF any further, the hatch on the spacecraft is wrenched open and all three are dragged out. RALF mysteriously vanishes, and our agents are taken into custody. Where are the other aliens? How did the government keep them hidden? What was the secret of the atomic bomb and the NRA satellite dishes? Our agents may never know.

The Conspiracy Continues!

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Photos (and some puns) courtesy of David Backman

Prepared Fall 1999.  Last updated June 2006