The True Land of Stone Heads

Going South of the (North Dakota) border in South Dakota

WesTrek '99

July 1999

While making way from Nebraska, the duo of Dave and NOT got a bit sidetracked from going north to South Dakota. Something was calling them, as if by a force outside this world to swing back into Wyoming, almost against their will. Taking them to Devil's Tower, Wyoming.

Where are the Aliens

Once there, they just realized that it was no driving force, it was just the way the Highway took them.

There were no more servings of Mashed Potatoes for the rest of the trip.

That taken care of, however, let the pair head on their original track - to the land of big stone carvings. Being a fan of movies about floating stone heads* it was natural for them to want to see the mother of all stone heads- Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills, and Chief Crazy Horse in Custer.

5 Heads of Rushmore NOT contemplates what Rushmore would look like with just one more head on it
And then contemplates what it would be like to be rendered on horseback. Chief Crazy Beak... hmmm. Chief Crazy Horse

But all this thinking just found NOT making an ass out of himself.

I Said Burrito!

Or was that NOT had to work on his Taco Bell speak when he asks for a BurrITo?

Well the east coast along Route 95 has billboards for miles enticing you to South of the Border (yes, south of the NORTH CAROLINA border - do you see the parallel to our story here?). Well the Midwest has the great lure of Wall Drugs in Wall SD. After all, they are children of the media culture and when the advertising says to come on in, what are a pair to do? So they succumbed for a visit and were underwhelmed. Ah the joys of media culture.

Stop and Rest a Spell at Wall Drugs

There was no corn seen in Nebraska, but there sure was a corny theme to the infamous Corn Palace in Mitchell that NOT kept "ear"ing about. So they decided to pop in and stalk the place out.

The Corn Palace - Ear's to it!

NOTE: To find NOT, he's the speck on the fence next to the right hand column.

And what visit to South Dakota would be complete without a visit to Pierre (pronounced "peer")? Unfortunately, as seen in the photo, the natives are not well versed in the difference between the Capitol building and the state capital. Maybe we'll just use lower case letters instead. Oh well.

Pierre, the Capital To the Capitol. Or Capital?

Now it's time to Center themselves and head North

*See Zardoz featuring Sean Connery in a leather diaper..

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Photos (and some puns) courtesy of David Backman

Prepared Fall 1999.  Last updated June 2006