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The Temple of Rain, Flannel and Coffee - Seattle, Washington

WesTrek '99

July 1999

When one wears flannel like Dave, it becomes necessary to make the pilgrimage to where it became popular. And having already been to L.L. Bean, it was only natural to visit Seattle.

And where best to start but at the bottom - Underground Seattle. Instead of cleaning up, let's just raise the streets a bit, and cover what used to be there.

Under the Streets

You never know what gets left behind when they rebuild a city. NOT seems to have a small scatological streak in him, making rest stops along the way. But in this case, un the museum, he discovers an original Thomas Crapper toilet. Yup, that's how it originally got it's nickname. No flush though here. No were there any magazines. Darn!

Got a Magazine?

Since NOT couldn't relieve himself, his stomach ached. Luckily, help was on the way. First there was the Weinermobile.  Now it was time for NOT to meet the Peptovan.

It Coats, It Soothes It corrects irregularity

It's ironic that NOT gets to cross the country and what does he find on the other side? Another Duck Tour. First Boston and now here. This time, however, he's in the driver's seat.

Touring Ducks.

Finally, after starting out at the bottom, NOT reaches the top: the space needle. Here he gets a great view of the city (when it's not raining) and almost gets blown away.  Get me down - I'm only a small duck!

Above it All

The problem with being so high up is that, like Superman, you have a perspective of the world around you- and that world is filled with Evil. Washington state is no different.  NOT must go check it out.

Would you lIke fries with that? Vladamir Illyich Lenin tried to bring down capitalism. Now he's selling fish tacos. One Evil taken care of!
Under the Aurora Bridge lurks a large troll. This one seemed nice enough, being a vegetarian troll. NOT was safe from him! Stop. Pay Troll
I Don't Do Windows Finally, over in Redmond, it was Bill Gates, and he was recruiting. Luckily, NOT was able to escape his clutches to fly into Windows on some other day.

Disillusioned, NOT stops off to watch a Qi Gong celebration on the steps of the capital building in Olympia. At least here he could have fun and be safe. For now...

The Washington Capital

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Photos (and some puns) courtesy of David Backman

Prepared Fall 1999.  Last updated June 2006