If You Quack To San Francisco...

In the City by the Bay - San Francisco, California

WesTrek '99

August 1999

San Francisco is a legendary town; traditionally it is home to the unusual and the free spirits. Included in these free spirits are the artists. You're asked to draw Tippy the Turtle, or even a duck to get into some art schools, so why shouldn't a duck draw a person to get into Art School. 

Wt-sfart.jpg (14693 bytes)

But who to draw - that was NOT's dilemma.

"How hard can it be?" NOT mused. All I have to do is start out with a straight line, like a street.

wt-lombard.jpg (15410 bytes)

Unfortunately, he was in San Francisco, home of Lombard Street, the self proclaimed crookedist street in the world. Ooops. "Guess I'll have to start somewhere else."

"I'll take my cue from the masters." And with that, NOT trooped off to the Cartoon Art Museum.  But before he could ask artists for some advice, he found himself besieged by others looking for help with their problems. NOT was not getting the help he needed.

 You're a Blockhead

While checking out the Wild Things though, he came across someone who seemed to know what was going on- or at least was in control. "Oh Queen of the wild things - where should I look for help learning how to draw?" he asked Nancy.

"You are a duck of the sky - so look to what you know to draw" was her advice.

Nancy of the Wild Things

So not tried to take her advice and draw what he knows - the sky.   Luckily, in San Francisco, there are helpful street signs for everywhere.

Up, Up and Away!

But unfortunately, NOT was a duck of limited brain, and he couldn't even find his way to the sky again, despite the sign. So while not looking where he was flying he landed straight in the middle of the home of the 60's counter-culture - the intersection of Haight and Ashbury. Few of the bohemians could be found now for him, and none of the artists would help this little duck, lest he becom a competitior for selling art.

It's *the* corner, man.

The strain got to be too much for the little duck. He decided to quit trying to become an artist, and he called up his friend Dave and they went off to the Anchor Steam Brewery for a beer, and then on to be tourists in the city.

Chug! Chug! Chug!

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Photos (and some puns) courtesy of David Backman

Prepared Fall 1999.  Last updated June 2006