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Still in the City by the Bay - San Francisco, California

WesTrek '99

August 1999

San Francisco is also a city full of fun things to see and do. And along their adventures, sometimes a duck and his boy need to just get out and see the sights. So that's what Dave and NOT decided to do. After all, the Bay area is host to a variety of history and unusual things and people.

Stomper of the Oalkand A's

Like Stomper, the mascot of the Oakland Athletics.

And the variety of good food (and fun guides) in Chinatown. Just don't ask what the bunnies in the window are doing.

San Francisco China Town

Tony Bennett sang about little cable cars, but it's also the people who served out on Alcatraz that made the city famous.

 You're a Blockhead

NOT wanted to pretend he was a hardened criminal, sentenced to time on The Rock, but somehow, as soon as that door swung shut, he was calling out for his mommy.  Some Brave Duck.

On the Rock Welcome to the Rock

Feeling a bit lost Somewhere in Time, they decided to Explore(itorium) the Palace of Fine Arts - home of one of the premiere hands on science museums in the world - the Exploritorium. NOT found out how birds fly (he keeps forgetting) and Dave found out the effects of beer on the body (somehow he often seems to forget).

It's so Artistic statues at the Palace of Fine Arts

It's just amazing what they are creating with Plaster of Paris these centuries.

But what is San Francisco without the Golden Gate Bridge?  Where would Kim Novak be rescued by Jimmy Stewart? It's nice when you can actually see the bridge also, as opposed to when it's surrounded by the infamous Frisco Fog.

wt-foggygate.jpg (16329 bytes)
Open your Golden Gate

Nancy M. and NOT, give San Francisco their Seal of Approval

sealed with a kiss

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Photos (and some puns) courtesy of David Backman

Prepared Fall 1999.  Last updated June 2006