It Never Quacks in Southern California

Continuing south from LA to San Diego and southern California, with a side trip to Mexico

WesTrek '99

August 1999

After all, the pair had survived LA with nary a drive by shooting, and having seen some celebrities. So it was time for the duo of travelers to pack up and head further south - towards San Diego and even Mexico. NOT being a bird himself, is always drawn to bird topics. Thus he found himself wondering what it is about Capistrano that makes it so popular with the sparrow set. 

Swallows, not Spit

Of course, the pair are there in August, which is off season for swallow returns, so he couldn't find out what makes San Juan Capistrano so popular. All he knew is that there was a mission there, though what that mission was, eluded him. All he saw was a big stone building.

A Bird wiht a Mission

So the pair continued on, heading down to San Diego to see fiends like Charlene Ellsworth.

Univeristy of California Dude

But the campus held a special treat for NOT because the library there is the Geisel library, named for famous author Dr. Seuss. Well, not named for Dr. Seuss as much as for his real name - T. Geisel. NOT liked it Sam-I-Am.

Hop on Top of the Library

To top it off, what did NOT find, but a very large bird itself on the campus. An Aztec bird god had landed in San Diego!  NOT went to talk to him, but not knowing Aztec he didn't get too far. But not for lack of trying.

NOT gets the bird.

Now NOT may be small, and he may have wings, but he's also a connoisseur of good travel. He can fly, but he prefers to do so first class. And when he is driving, well he likes Inga and Volvos, but who can compare that to getting out in a Rolls. So NOT happily checked out the transportation at the Rolls Royce Owners Club convention in Dana Point.

Rock and Rolls
With Boston friends Traci Craig and David Green

From all this driving, it occasionally is time to just kick lose and party, which was exactly what was on NOT's mind about now. Being so close to Mexico meant that NOT *HAD* to go visit Tijuana. What else is better than going out to sample Tequila (a little duck's favorite drink) in it's native land. Which is exactly what he did.

I'm on a Mexican Radio

Then it was a surprise visit by Nancy M. and a chance to go out drinking with her, Mayer Danzig and San Diego native Yale Goldis. Hmm.  More tequila anyone?

Drink Up!

All this partying had gone to NOT's head in one big headache. (Let this be a lesson boys and girls, don't be like NOT.) So he hopped along and let Dave do the driving out towards the desert as they left the Pacific coast. It was the beginning of a new leg and a new day, and the rainbows seemed to just come out of the solar electric generating plant.  It's amazing what they can make with modern technology.

Oooh, Rainbows.

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Photos (and some puns) courtesy of David Backman

Prepared Fall 1999.  Last updated June 2006