Then Why Is It So Salty?

Salt Lake City & Promontory Utah

WesTrek '99

July 1999

When traveling, where should a wandering Jew and a duck go, but to the town that is home to Mormonism?  So to get a pre-Olympic view of the city, the pair decided to visit a couple of years before everyone else (and a couple of weeks before a tornado).

NOT was on a mission from God, exploring the Mormon Temple.

Not the same kind of Temple as Dave is used to Duck and Temple.

and the famous tabernacle, sans choir.  That's fine - NOT's quacks carried perfectly in the acoustic marvel. Much to the chagrin of others on the tour who found his quacks less melodic.


Some birds mate for life, but does it have to be with one bird. No one would debate avian bigamy with NOT at the state capital building except Dave.

The Utah Capital

The great Salt Lake makes you think of beaches - and for NOT, beaches make him think of beach volleyball.  So he had a different spike on his brain when the pair were heading to Promontory Point Utah where the Pacific Railroad was completed with the golden spike.

Spike Me Baby Spike 3

NOT was heard to muse aloud "We found Spike, but where is Mike?"

The Golden Spike

After escaping Utah, the pair moved back into Idaho, cause you can't get enough of those potatoes you know, to find Boise a strange place. They place liberty bells on their state capital plaza, but it was not all that it as cracked up to be.

Chief Spuds

What was scarier was to find a street named after Wesley and intersecting with regal. One of the few times that you will see what is close to King Wesley.

Dave Street

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Photos (and some puns) courtesy of David Backman

Prepared Fall 1999.  Last updated June 2006