NOT and the Slots

Death Valley and Sin City - Las Vegas, Nevada

WesTrek '99

August 1999

If they thought that there had been a hot time in San Diego, NOT and Dave were going to find out that they had seen nothing yet. Nothing quite like Death Valley, California. There, in the lowest point of the US, it is somewhat strange to find the world's tallest thermometer.

A Dry Heat

It told them that it was 107 degrees. But at least it was a dry heat, right?

So from one hell to another, so to speak, it was time to arrive at night in the (newly pushed as a family fun center) city of Las Vegas. Home of the strip, the strippers, the casinos, and garish excess. Included in this is the larger than life version of the larger than life pair of Siegfried and Roy at the Mirage. NOT's not "lion" when he says it's scary.

No, they are not garish.

But another form of excess blasts off at Star Trek: The Experience. NOT was a veteran, having visited there before. But it is always nice to see how the trekkers have gone Vegas with the experience.

Star Trek Experience

Ferengi and Klingons and Vulcans, Oh My! Well, two out of three pose with NOT and Dave and leave them feeling alien-ated.

NOT and other aliens. Duck and Gagh

Whenever he visits here though, he's glad that he doesn't have a red shirt. Especially when he posed to as his hero Captain Kirk's right hand duck.

Science Officer NOT

NOT is not one to avoid getting high, but he does it in legal ways only (Kids, Quack No to Drugs). So he partook in the Stratosphere, the worlds highest thrill ride.


NOT believes himself to be lucky, so when he saw the "Lucky Duck" slot machine, he had to try it. He put in his dollar and had Dave pull the lever. He won - the screen gave him two lemons and a cherry, but to NOT's disappointment, no fruit came out the slot, only coins. He had been cheated! Dave had to explain that it was coins, not fruit, that was supposed to come out when he won. NOT felt that he just wasn't a lucky duck.

You Lucky Duck!

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Photos (and some puns) courtesy of David Backman

Prepared Fall 1999.  Last updated June 2006