NOT Meets His Maker


WesTrek '99

October 1999

As a state, Vermont is a strange state with everything in it, from Ben and Jerry Ice Cream, to Floating Bridges, to NOT's grandparents. So of course, NOT and Dave had to travel there.

Stopping off after beer at Magic Hat, what better way to deal with things than have Ice Cream. Luckily Ben and Jerry have their factory there.

B & J Cow Van

NOT was disappointed to find no NOT Duck Crunch in the current bins of ice cream, nor in the graveyard of 'retired' Ben and Jerry flavors, including Economic Crunch.

Night of the Living Flavors

"I'm a doctor, not an ice cream scooper!" - Deforest Kelly visited the factory and fell in love with the Chocolate Fudge Chunk.  (I'm a doctor, not a dietician!). His is the only celebrity photo in the building.

No Bones in that Ice Cream

Vermont has many ways of getting from here to there (as opposed to Maine, where you can't get there from here). One of the more unusual was the floating bridge, sitting on the top of the water, and sinking as cars drive over, wetting the tires.

Floating on the Surface Gently

Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water

Not many get to go and meet their makers. But this heady opportunity was afforded by NOT when the pair visited the Mary Meyer Factory in Townshend, VT.

The Portal to the Birthplace.

NOT got the rare chance to meet the design team for Mary Meyers and the Tippy-Toes Line of stuffed animals (of which NOT is one).  Upon his meeting Steve Meyer, his creator (and grandson to Mary), Steve remarked how NOT looked different from the clean and fluffy versions normally sold.

The Creative Geniuses

Being the center of attention went to the head of the pair, as NOT and Dave got to play in the Tippy-Toes Theater. Quite a day for a duck, and his traveling companion.

Tippy Toes Theater

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Photos (and some puns) courtesy of David Backman

Prepared Fall 1999.  Last updated June 2006