WesTrek - the Journey Begins

NOT Duck Stows along to join Dave on his "48 States, a Volvo and a Duck" tour

WesTrek '99

May-June 1999

Ewww. Doggie Breath!

The journey starts with a good bye hug from Sasha the dog, in Barrington, RI

Where the &$# are we?

How did we get to Wyoming so quickly? I thought we were still in Rhode Island! Are we lost?

Nutmeg Duck!

Dave wanted to take NOT's picture in another spot, but the bemused visitor's center helper insisted that "a duck needs to be near the water." So he was.

The Great Quack Way Duck!

Dave' cousin Melissa takes care of our friend NOT in the wilds of the urban jungle of New York City.

Are you carrying any Rats?

Not NOT but Ratbert greets the arrival of Delaware.

It's a Merry Land!

NOT almost got stopped for flapping too quickly for the Maryland State Police's tastes, but he was so cute and fuzzy, he got away. This time.

Another Lawyer! Oy!

Dave and NOT finished the first leg of the long journey by going to wish Christine Lee congratulations on her Catholic University Law School Graduation in D.C.

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Photos (and some puns) courtesy of David Backman

Prepared Fall 1999.  Last updated June 2006