Dude, about "Night of the Day of the Dawn..."

Fellow devotees of the film write.

The Creator Speaks! Part II-DVD

In March, I was informed by Lowell Mason that the official DVD of the film is in the works.

"The DVD has some extras on it like a "director's commentary" (it will be very enlightening and life altering, trust me) and a few clips from the other films I've done, including a couple student films from my NYU days.  "

The DVD should be done by the end of April.

In addition, he tells that  "I'm also going to do a sequel of sorts, turning a late 1950's sci-fi film into the same mess that Night Of The Living Dead became."

When DVD information is available, I will post it here.


The Creator Speaks!

In June 2003, I received a couple of emails from Lowell Mason, a creator of the film. 


what is this website??? this is a RIOT! I stumbled onto it by accident. My buddy and i made this film years ago and  we sort of forgot about it as time went on!!! I know a few local N.J. people saw the film but i didn't realize that it got all around to college campus' and to different parts of the country!!! I just can't believe  these people saw the movie! too funny!!!


Yes. I am one of the originators of that film. I still can't get over those emails on your website and your response. I would have never in a million years figured on that. I told my buddy who I made the film with about the comments on your website we were cracking up! Someone told my buddy that he heard there was some stuff on the internet about the movie but we never got beyond that. 

We had made a low budget horror film back in 1986. It wound up on Cinemax and a few small screens showing in N.J. It was a really bad film but as you could imagine we had a blast making it. We were flat broke after that and my buddy came up with the idea to make the movie for super, super cheap. I don't think it was possible but he kept saying that Woody Allen had done the same thing with "What's up Tiger Lilly?" We both were big fans of the original Night of the Living Dead and we knew it was in the public domain because George Romero foolishly dint' renue the copyright. Needless to say we had a complete halarious experience making the film. We sat in a dudes sound padded bed room in Plainfield N.J. with one monitor, a couple of microphones and a case of Lone Star beer. We shot all the cut in black and white footage with a 16mm bolex i bought at a N.J. flea market for about $90. I had to check with my buddy but I think we made the entire film for under $200 (not including all the beer). The dude who's face is on the video jacket sells stocks in San Francisco and that photo was taken in one fo those boardwalk photo booths down the shore back in the 80's. Somehow the film started to get soem press and I know it was mentioned on MTV and the David Letterman Show. George Romero's wife called us, cursed us out and told us they were going to sue us (that was 10 years ago) Ironically we are just starting to work on another project that is a sequel to Night of the Day of the Dawn....pass that onto your reader4s!!!!!  peace out!!  Eggo


February 2006

Back when I was in 8th grade around 1992 or 1993, my friend called me and said I had to watch this random film he just found at our local video store (Video Video in Chatham, NJ).  It turned out to be "Night of the Day of the Dawn...."  We watched it and were immediately hooked, quoting the film constantly.  This continued into high school and it wasn't long before all the "cool" kids "discovered" it.  Soon everyone was watching it and quoting it.  Unfortunately, it disappeared from our video store and I searched for it for years.  On a trip back home during college, I managed to track it down in a video store in Madison, NJ after calling or visiting every store in the area.  I rented it, copied it and proceeded to show it to everyone I knew at Rutgers.  Once again, it was a hit and the fanbase grew.  Apparently my story is not as uncommon as I thought, because this movie seems to have found its way around the country.  And the whole time, Lowell Mason had no idea that he had become the spokesman for a generation.  I can't wait for the DVD and I hope he makes some money off it.

What can i say? this movie has become a huge part of my life, my  closest friends and i are constantly qouting lines from this movie in regular conversation. I rented this movie back in 1997 in Weehawken NJ, the following day i went to the video store and bought it. I have since handed this movie to about 20 different people and i have yet to find one person who didn't love it (except my wife, she just "likes it".  give me a break!!) Anyways i ended up having the movie stolen from me but my wife found another one for me on Ebay. I got it 5 days ago and have watched it twice already. By the way if you're a Red Sox fan this is the perfect thing to keep your mind off the loss to the Yankees!!

Thank God for this website.

March 2005

In HS in 1992, my friend Scott and I got stoned and went to Palmer Video in either Succasunna, NJ.  At the recommendation of the clerk, we got this, and the original, and watched them back to back.  (Original first).  Comic gold.I spread it around college and beyond, and it's a 100% surefire hit.  Like many others, my friends and I refer to it as "The Movie".  Also, I'm wondering who's "Jason" who posted below.

 Matt A.

January 2005

Oh my god!

I had chills reading this page, I was so excited to find at long last a community of "aficionados" of this movie!!!  I rented and then bought this movie from a little independent video store near Pittsburgh, PA.  My friends and I watched this movie over and over again, regularly quoting lines to each other and often confusing those around us who weren't "in the club" and could not figure out what the hell was so funny about "is that a duck?"

Alas, I lent it to one of my friends who moved back to New York before I got it back from him!  Still desperately searching for a copy - thanks for the leads, and let me know if anything develops from your new contact with the genius-master Lowell Mason!

Dennis M.

January 2005

I just wanna say, I watched that film so much a few years ago, that I STILL quote it frequently.. And almost no one knows what the hell I am talking about.  I dubbed a copy from a buddy of mine, who actually stole it from this little movie rental store on the east coast, thinking it was a porno (ahh, kids).  Anyhow.. It has made a little impact on a pocket of us here at UW madison.  The characters are complex, the plot has interesting twists, and although I am not the biggest fan of the super long firework sequences..

This movie rules.  I'm gonna shake a board, that one's good.. (lblblblblb....  Grrrrrrr)

I was thinkin about converting my copy to dvd.. So I can preserve it better..  That ftp idea is a good idea though.. With permission of course

Peace out


Hello there,
As stated on the site, i am one of the kids that found the video in Video Signals. Actually, I worked there for two years, and within those two years I managed to dub a copy of your movie. It is by far one of the funniest movies I have ever seen, so are you guys the writers of it? I have so many questions, I absolutely love this movie.


I just did a search for that wack movie "Night of the day of the dawn..." and your site came up. I went to Univ of Conn and saw it when someone on my floor rented it. My friends and I have been looking for it for a while now. Have you gotten anymore info on where it can be obtained. Any help will be much appreciated!


A couple years ago I rented "Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil Mutant, Alien, Flesh Eating, Hellbound, Crawling, Zombified, Living Dead..Part II in Shocking 2-D" It was the FUNNIEST movie I ever saw!!! I actually got it from a Palmer Video in Succasunna New Jersey. I have NEVER seen it since including in that store. Do you have any info on how to order the movie? Every store I ask for it in looks at me like I'm nuts :)


I came across your page in a furious search for more info on the movie that made my teenage year. Affectionately we used to refer to it as THE movie. It was bazaar how we came across it. A group of friends and I were at a cheesy video shop looking for a cheesy B movie to laugh at when we came upon the "Lowel Mason" masterpiece. Of course, we didn't know what we were in for(the weird thing was, we rented the movie about a month after Clinton was elected and there was a reference to "president" Clinton in it). Anyway, over the years there was this weird little small cult growing around this movie in my home town. It starts out with just three of us watching it then word of mouth and copies floated around to gather a following of hundreds in upstate NY.

My main purpose for this mail is info. We are desperately trying to find out who this guy is that made this movie and if he has done anything else. I heard rumors but can't confirm. Let me know if you know some thing.


It was there at a store called Video Library, but i rented it and kept it...

Hey, what's up? I saw this movie for the first time 8 years ago. Soon afterward it became a cult classic in my town of Chatham, New Jersey. Then it disappeared. Another copy reappeared years later in the next town over, and that, too, disappeared. I managed to track down a copy in Morristown, NJ and promptly made a copy of it for myself. Since then I've been turning people on to the movie here at Rutgers.


A movie rental place near me went out of business like a year ago, and i made them sell me "Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil Mutant, Alien, Flesh Eating, Hellbound, Crawling, Zombified, Living Dead..Part II in Shocking 2-D." for 50 bucks. Now i own it! mwaahahhaha

I see that the duck got its origins from "Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil, Mutant, Hellbound, Flesh Eating, Subhumanoid Living Dead, Part II in Shocking II-D"

I am trying to track down another copy of the film, and am finding that they are few and far between. You asked for information concerning where people have seen it- About six years ago, I bought my copy from a Big Daddy's Video in Danville, KY. She sold me the only copy, and couldn't give me any information as to where it came from. Also, what of the fact that the original Lowell Mason has been dead for appx. 100 years, and is credited for writing many hymns, as well as getting music appreciation into public schools?

Hope some of this helps- I really need a new copy!



I was desperately trying to search the web for this movie (which by now I know almost every word to!) and your site was the closest I've come to finding it. I just wanted to tell you that I obtained a copy from it from a friend in college, who found his copy in a small video store in Queens, NY. I dubbed my copy from his, but unfortunately we lost touch and I have not been able to find out the name of the store. Maybe you could research this if you feel so inclined... PLEASE PLEASE let me know if you are able find it. My copy is slowly deteriorating after so many years of play. Thank you so much.... good luck! It's great to know someone else out there is a fan of the Alabama Blacksnake as well... =)



I found your website while looking for info on the movie "night of the day of the..." I know it sounds ridiculous but it's one of my favorite films. I have heard there is a "sequel". The people who did the original are taking a sci-fi film from the 50's and wiping out the soundtrack just like they did before. Do you know anything about this? I don't know if the duck will be returning in the sequel. 

8/13/02  - Finally another place to find the film!

Here's a place where, according to another website you can buy "Night of the Day of the....."

There is a source that sells this video. Woo-hoo!! God almighty our prayers have been answered!!!

Blackest Heart Media, place specializing in rare horror movies, is selling copies for $18.00. I would recommend anyone and everyone to buy a copy. It's a little hard to find in their list, though. It's under "Rare Videos" and it's listed as "Night Of The Living Dead (1993)". Read the description and you'll see it's our flick.


I discovered a copy of the film in Picayune, MS at an indie video store which has since gone out of business and promptly dubbed a copy of it. Since then my vocabulary has been permanently altered leaving me inable to express myself in any other form than quoting the movie. This has severely affected my lovelife as I now attempt to initiate every encounter with "Momma, this is kind of hard for me to say..."

If someone were able to digitize the film, I'd be glad to host it on my ftp. Unfortunately I don't have any of that kind of equipment.


hey i just came across your site and wanted to let you know that i rented day of the ....... a long time ago from an Rx place in Carousel Mall in syracuse, ny. i instantly loved the movie and so did everyone else i showed the movie too. unfortunantly i never dubbed it and could never find it. until now, my best friends brother had a copy of it and i now have that copy. i am a visual media major and fortunantly have access to equipment and will soon be burning the copy onto dvd. just thought id let ya know there is another person out there keeping this movie alive for as long as possible.


Thank god there are other people out there who have seen this movie! It is the best movie I have ever seen! Me and My college roomate found it in Maryville, MO. in 1996. Our lives have forever been changed! We took it home that night, invited a couple friends over to watch, and 2 hours later had almost every person from our floor in our dorm room. It seems laughter is contagious! We had to watch it 3 times that night just to be able to catch most of the jokes because the laughter was just too loud. This is truly a "Classic", a "Masterpiece", a "Must See" I love how this movie spreads like fire throughout whatever group of friends I show it to. Thanks for having a site that recognizes true classics.

Note: It can often be found for sale on eBay. 

If you can find it, watch it. Good luck finding it though.

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