Quackstyles of the Rich and Famous

A Gallery of Famous Friends of the Duck



Oz Quack

Fellow Jumbo Gregory Maguire, of Wicked, the Wicked Years series and other books and R.C. Binstock, author of Tree of Heaven and Swift River meet NOT at the Maynard Public Library with Adam Conn. RC Binstock and Gregory Maguire

She Quacked Me With Science


 Thomas Dolby
Thomas Dolby Tour
Thomas Dolby is an accomplished musician, producer and entrepreneur who has made a range of music, served as music producer for the TED Conference and recently was named a Professor of the Arts at Johns Hopkins University. But invariably when his name comes up, it's the song She Blinded Me With Science that comes to mind first.  And unfortunately less for the song, and more for Dr. Magnus Pyke exclaiming "Science!". 

The Handmaid's Quack

While best known as a novelist, Margaret Atwood is also an accomplished poet. Possibly she could find inspiration in a small duck for future poems. Personally NOT would prefer not being included in some of her more famous dystopian fiction pieces like A Handmaid's Tale and Oryx and Crake.

Margaret Atwood

The Confession​s of Quack Tivoli


 Andrew Sean Greer
Authors love San Francisco, and so NOT gets to meet a number of celebs as they are on book tours. Here he meets Andrew Sean Greer, author of The Story of Marriage and The Confessions of Max Tivoli - the latter a California Book Award winner.

Welcome to My Quack-Mare


 Alice and NOT
NOT tagged along to see Alice Cooper in concert in Raligh, NC.  Unfortunately he didn't get to meet the rocker, who would appear soon after in the Syfy movie "Bigfoot" being kicked by the titular character.

The First Duck

Knowing people in the media sometimes gets NOT a chance to head out into areas he otherwise would not be allowed (somehow the “Daily Quack” never got him proper press credentials, go figure). So when a chance to head over and see the First Lady, Michelle Obama, speak at Shreveport with Mike Roberts and Michael Devault from the Ouachita Citizen, he was good to go. After all he had already been to the Obama’s house for the Easter Egg Hunt earlier.

Decked out with a press pass, he could get past security with ease and head to the press area. Mounted on top of Mike’s telephoto lens, he got a duck’s eye view of the proceedings and while not getting to meet her duck to hand, it was close enough for him.
Press Pass

Michelle Obama

How Much is that Duckie in the Window?


 Cajun Pawn Duck
NOT tagged along with Mike Roberts and met Johnnie DeRamus of the History Channel show Cajun Pawn Stars at Silver Dollar Pawn and Jewelry Center in Alexandria, LA. Luckily, stuffed ducks have very little pawn value.

Silver Dollar Pawn is also where NOT saw Martin Luther King Jr's Funeral Hearse.

Honey Badger May Not Care, But NOT Duck Does

In 2011 the viral video “Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger” gave us National Geographic footage of honey badgers being badasses with a hilarious voiceover by “Randall” declaring, among other things, “Honey badger don’t care!” and launched the honey badger craze. The craze brought us references in pop culture, a pistachio commercial and even LSU’s Tyrann Mathieu’s nickname during the 2011 football season. Randall later wrote the book “Honey Badger Don’t Care” and at a book signing he met NOT. Possibly he can consider a duck for his follow-up project. Randall1



 Adam Savage

 Adam Savage's Guest
Adam Savage, co-host of Mythbusters looks into the myth of a duck that travels the world and gets his picture taken in interesting locations and with celebrities.

Myth: Confirmed

In fact NOT tried to pass himself off as a guest of Adam Savage's.  Adam should have been a guest of NOT.

No word on whether they did confirm that a duck's quack does not echo, as posed when NOT visited M4 productions.

Who'll stop the Rainn

The Office's Rainn Wilson may have spent time as a Jumbo at Tufts University, but he didn't seem to recognize fellow Tuftonian NOT while doing his book signing. But NOT still recognized him, even when he was not hanging out with Steve Carell. Rainn Wilson

Aisha Tyler and NOT have "The Talk"

  Aisha Tyler Aisha Tyler - comedienne, actress and co-host of The Talk has a talk to the Duck, but didn't get too deep talking about what Sharon Osbourne really is like. She got to talk to NOT in between her busy schedule with Talk Soup, Archer and CSI.  Maybe she can get NOT a job working as a "corpse".

Drawn to Quackness

Comics artist JW Williams III considers a new superhero - "Quackman" for future comic book. His superpowers? Being cute, cuddly, able to fly in a single suitcase and to quietly talk in canyons without an echo. JH Williams

Where The Wild Things Quack

  Where The Wild Things Are NOT finds the actual costume worn by Max in the movie adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are. It's on display at 826 Valencia, San Francisco's combination pirate supply store / children's tutoring workshop, owned by author Dave Eggers (and co-author of the Where the Wild Things Are screenplay). Let the Duck Rumpus begin!

The sign above the costume reads:

Here before you stands MAX'S ACTUAL WOLF SUIT

Were on a Quack from God

Versatile actor, comedian, Blues Brother, Conehead, Ghostbuster, Spy like Us and soon Yogi Bear Dan Ackroyd also likes to hang out with ducks, and crystal skulls.  No sign of Indiana Jones with those skulls though, which is probably a good thing. Dan Ackroyd

It's a Mad (Magazine) Drawing World

  Sergio Aragones Anyone who grew up with Mad Magazine knows Sergio Aragones' work, if not his name.  All those rich drawings just jumped off the page, and gave us among other creations Groo The Warrior. Prolific in his output, he draws numerous cartoons including recent stints with Simpsons Comics.  No word on whether he is inspired to include more ducks now.

You are In My Powers

Author Tim Powers was the guest of honor at the 2010 Wondercon. Powers is a multiple World Fantasy Award winner and Philip K. Dick Award winner who has, among his prodigious output, the novel On Stranger Tides which is being used as the basis for Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean IV". Tim Powers

Doomsday Duck?

Connie Willis  Connie Willis, the Hugo- and Nebula-winning author of Doomsday Book, To Say Nothing of the Dog, and Bellwether, considers whether NOT would be a great character in her next time-travel novel.

How's the Weather Down There?

In New England they say if you don't like the weather, wait a minute and it will change. One of the people who try to predict what it will change to is local meteorologist Jeremy Reiner from Channel 7 in Boston.  Here he contemplates the ability of weather to roll like water off a duck's back. Jeremy Reiner

Trick-y Duck

  K. Todd Freeman K. Todd Freeman was the vampire Mr. Trick on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but he's not biting NOT's neck. Here he was going classical playing Caliban in the production of The Tempest at Steppenwolf in Chicago.

(Steam) Punked again

NOT meets bad-ass steampunk author China Miévile, award winning creator of the Bas-Lag series at the signing of his newest book, "The City & The City." China Mieville

Better Off Quack...

Steve Holland Diane Franklin Savage Steve Holland, writer director of "Better Off Dead..." and star Diane Franklin give NOT the star treatment at a screening of the film.

Going Carroll-ing

NOT meets Jonathan Carroll, acclaimed author of books in the "magical realist" genre, including The Wooden Sea, White Apples, and The Ghost in Love. His books often feature talking dogs as sages and spirit guides; NOT tried to convince him that ducks are even better companions. Jonathan Carroll

NOT gets Steam(punk)y

Jeff and Ann VanderMeer Jeff and Ann VanderMeer, editors of the new Steampunk anthology, contemplate replacing NOT with a clockwork duck. Or at least one that runs on steam.

The View from the Ros(i)e Patch

Multiple Emmy winning "Queen of Nice" Rosie O'Donnell thought NOT had better hair than Donald Trump, which made the duck's entire day. Rosie O'Donnell

NOT Gets (Cyber)-Punked

Neil Stephenson Science Fiction author Neal Stephenson, writer of Snow Crash, The Baroque Cycle and most recently Anathem shares a moment with NOT trying to explain the fusing of pre-industrial mythology, nanotechnology and steel armor. NOT however just gets a headache.


Author Stefan Fatsis teaches NOT a few things about spelling. He explained how in Scrabble NOT's name would be an acceptable 3 letter word even though it's also his name. Stefan offered to show NOT what he learned training as a kicker for the Broncos (chronicled in his book A Few Seconds of Panic) but NOT wisely moved away. Stefan Fatsis

This Duck is En Fuego

Dan Zane NOT spends some time with Grammy award children's music recording artist Dan Zane as he explains to NOT that his former band, The Del Fuegos was not a new coupe that was manufactured in Mexico.

Fuzzy Duck Laughs It Up with Fuzzball

NOT looks up in awe at the height of Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew, even when he's sitting. Mayhew was much more articulate in person, with a lot less grunting. NOT didn't find out what Mayhew feels about the "Chewbacca Defense" however. 

NOT May Be Strange but This Guy is Bizarro

"And I thought my adventures were strange. But your world is just bizarre."  NOT confers with Dan Piraro, creator of the comic Bizarro and tries to get into the man's head to understand what makes him tick. It's a scary world.


NOT discover how good a "friend of NOT" can be in a tough situation. He meets a Dalek (from Doctor Who) but "friend" Mark Cohen sacrifices NOT to the Dalek's "plunger."

NOT "Flips" for the Mayor

While Boston mayor Tom Menino may have just gotten back from a trip down under, NOT's not quite sure why he's suddenly upside down. Is this any way to treat a constituent?

This Just In...NOT is Cute

Hobnobbing with "New England's top political analyst" Jon Keller, NOT asked why the 2008 presidential race had to start 18 months before the election. Jon, though a perceptive analyst, could offer no reasonable answer.

This Duck is Juuuust Right

Blade, the mascot of the Boston Bruins was friendly, but NOT felt he was being eyed a little too bit hungrily.

Where's NOT

While not like looking for the minority in the Abercrombie and Fitch catalog as postulated on Family Guy, NOT is small and often hard to find in his own pictures. So he definitely spent time commiserating with Waldo, once he found him.

Mr. Peabody and his Duck NOT

While not a flesh and blood "celebrity," NOT gets up close and personal with a Peabody Award (or more properly a George Foster Peabody Award) in San Francisco. The Peabody celebrates excellence in radio and television broadcasting.  Seeing how NOT spends little time on television or the radio, this is probably the closest he's going to get to receiving one of these on his own.

You Don't Quack Me Yet (But Give It Time)

Getting Literary, NOT meets up with Jonathan Lethem, author of novels Amnesia Moon, Motherless Brooklyn, Fortress of Solitude, and most recently You Don't Love Me Yet. Luckily for NOT, Ducks happen to be Lethem's favorite, so he was willing to pose with the duck-arazzi. Now if ducks could take a prominent role in future novels....

I Oppose!

Getting political, NOT met Tony Leon while in South Africa. Leon is the leader of the Democratic Alliance, South Africa's main opposition party, and as such is the leader of the opposition in Parliament.

A Nobel Endeavor

NOT gets to hang out with more than just celebrities from stage and screen, but occasionally the academic type also. He recently got to meet Dr. Peter Agre, 2003 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, who is now at Duke University.  Dr. Agre shared the prize with Dr. Roderick MacKinnon for their work in aquaporins.

If that was not enough, Dr. Agre has also been a visitor to The Colbert Report.  You can view his visit online.  Part 1 Part 2

(Pictured are a well wisher who remains anonymous, Jason Howard, Agre and Joanna Downer, Strategic Services Associate Senior)

Unaccompanied Ducks? Or Just a Freak?

NOT chats with Paul Feig, creator of the TV Show Freaks and Geeks (gee, how appropriate for NOT), Undeclared, and has directed episodes of similarly cult TV shows, such as Arrested Development, as well as the recent holiday movie Unaccompanied Minors. 

I'm a Duck. And I'm a P.C.

Daily Show resident expert, author and This American Life contributor John Hodgman stopped off in October in Chicago on the tour for his book The Areas of My Expertise (along with his troubadour Jonathan Coulton (below). During the meeting he gave his opinion of NOT, as Best Duck. (Not quite Charlotte's Web level, but damned good.)  John is also known by many as the P.C. in the recent Apple commercials.


Not quite two weeks later he was in San Francisco, and lifted a snifter of Brandy to NOT again, as well as his picture with NOT from Chicago. Holy Redux!  No word if he still felt NOT was Best Duck, but we'll assume it was still true.

Is NOT suffering an Identity Crisis?

Novelist and author Brad Meltzer does not think that NOT would fit into the new Justice League that he is helping relaunch. Maybe NOT will fit into one of his New York Times bestselling books in the future. Until then, NOT will have to enjoy Meltzer's critically acclaimed Graphic Novel Identity Crisis.

Duck is Folk(s).

Folk rock singer-songwriter Jonathan Coulton contemplates the duck as he sits at a table next to John Hodgman (above), whom he accompanied on the track 700 Hobo Names for Hodgman's book The Areas of My Expertise.

Am I Blue?

Blue Men contemplate Green Duck. NOT also got to meet the non-Blue founder of the group, Chris Wink.

Up, Up and (almost) Away!

Astronaut Christopher Cassidy met NOT on a trip to the Boston Children's Museum and agreed to take him back to Florida for a visit. While NOT did not (YET!) get to go into space, we're hoping that Astronaut Cassidy may someday get to bring him along to give him an experience out of this world. At this point the closest NOT got was to get a closer view of the Space Shuttle Atlantis before its launch in the fall of 2006.

Ducky! You Eeeeediot!

Animator John Kricfalusi, best known as the creator and father of Ren and Stimpy and often known as John K. seems to contemplate the animation value of a small stuffed duck.  Maybe Ren and Stimpy and NOT is somewhere in the future?  (NOT's friend J.J. understands being known with just the last initial that considering his last name is Kwashnak).

Shhh!  NOT was asleep!

Dave Attell, comedian and host of Comedy Central's Insomniac meets a very awake David, and a somewhat sleepy NOT on his recent stop in San Francisco.

"Say, Can You Quack Me On N.P.R.?"

Sarah Vowell, author, journalist, New York Times Op-Ed columnist, contributor to NPR's This American Life, and movie voice actor (she was Violet Parr in The Incredibles) was a bit surprised and bemused at meeting NOT Duck. .

Welcome to San Francisco NOT Duck

NOT meets Marian and Vivian Brown, known as the San Francisco Twins.  The pair are beloved icons of the city and serve as goodwill ambassadors. In 2000 they were voted second place as "Best Local Character". They are known for their signature identical outfits. They have appeared in a cameo role in Nine to Five and have done numerous television commercials.   And apparently they like NOT, who's a goodwill ambassador of his own.

Attack of the Ghost Ducks?

On a dark, rainy, November evening, Michael brought NOT Duck to a talk and book signing by award-winning writer and fellow Tufts alum Christopher Golden and his co-author, the multi-talented former "Buffy" star Amber Benson, promoting their new book based on the "Ghosts of Albion" series. Both were thrilled at the opportunity to meet the duck wonder, while NOT is fascinated by the idea of ghost ducks in Victorian England.

NOT Has Problems Flying Forward, Much Less Backwards!

Famous author Tom Robbins didn't write his new book about NOT, but don't tell him, NOT likes to feel he's important.

How Can I Become a Quacking Head?

Mo Rocca - famous for his career not as an actor, but as a talking head social commentator on VH-1 and other stations.  No comment on the Duck's culture.


Conservatives Laugh?

Conservative Commentator and humorist P.J. O'Rourke finds something funny about NOT. Or is it the hairline of the guy holding the duck? That "guy" happens to be Peter Sagal of NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.

A Rose by Any Other Name

NOT and friends got a chance to see 'ol Charlie Hustle himself, Pete Rose.  Unfortunately you had to pay for a nice piece of memorabilia for Pete to sign to get to meet him, and NOT doesn't' need another piece of clutter around. So they just hung out nearby to get a brush with fame.


More of the Rich and Famous


Most Photos courtesy of David Backman, except:

Photos courtesy of Michaela Murphy and Marc Elzweig: Vowell, Rocca, O'Rourke, Roberts, John Hodgman (Chicago), Brad Meltzer, Johnathan Coulton, Paul Feig, Rainn Wilson, JW Williams III, Margaret Atwood

Photos Courtesy of Michael Saletnik: Golden, Benson

Photos Courtesy of Alissa Daniels: Jeremy Reiner, Blue Man II, Christopher Cassidy, Menino, Blades, Jon Keller, Waldo

Photos Courtesy of Jason Howard: Peter Agre, Alice Cooper

Photo Courtesy of Deb Kurtis: Leon, O'Donnell

Photos Courtesy of Mike Roberts and Michael DeVault: Michelle Obama, Cajun Pawn

Photo Courtesy of Adam Conn: Gregory Maguire

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