Quackstyles of the Rich and Famous

A Gallery of Famous Friends of the Duck



What are the stylish waterfowl wearing?

NOT discusses Style with Roxanne Roberts - writer for the Washington Post style section. He wanted to see if feathers would be in this year.

Can NOT Get Some Good (N)PR?

NOT meets and greets with some of the celebrities of National Public Radio. 

First he is caught in a contemplative stare fight with Ira Glass, host of NPR's "This American Life"


Then he's meeting up with Carl Kasell, from NPR's Morning Edition. It's strange to see the voice behind the radio.

She Brings a New Worth to the Duck's Travels

May 3, 2005. Bebe Neuwirth from "Here Lies Jenny"

Dr. Crane, I think I'm a duck...

NOT consults with Bebe Neuwirth, most well known for her role as Dr. Lilith Crane, but an outstanding singer, dancer, and all around performer. Here she takes a break from singing and dancing in "Here Lies Jenny" to meet a couple of fans. If you meet her, don't call her "Lilith" but she does like reminiscing about her role as the principal in "The Faculty"


They Used to Call Him the Waco Kid, Fastest Quack in the West

Actor, Author, and Baron von Frankensteen Gene Wilder discuss literature, autographs, and the proper pronunciation of names. Despite efforts, he didn't get Mel Brook's phone number though.

We Ham and Jam and Spamalot

While in Chicago, NOT met up with some of the stars of the Monty Python musical Spamalot, there on a pre-Broadway run. New duck friends include fellow Jumbo Hank Azaria (left), non fellow Jumbo Tim Curry (lower left), and also non fellow Jumbo David Hyde-Pierce (lower right). Soon he had to leave though - it was a silly place.  But not before they signed a playbill.


What about Generation Q?

NOT discusses literature with Douglas Coupland, author of Elanor Rigby: A Novel, and famous for coining the term Generation X with his book of the same name.


Is a Duck Good Eats?

Food Network's Alton Brown, host of Good Eats and author of two volumes of I'm Just Here for the Food cookbooks considers the ways to properly prepare a duck. It's a bit more difficult when the duck comes pre-stuffed.  His comment when given the duck? "It smells like New Delhi."   NOT gets around.


Am I Blue?

NOT (sort of) gets blue with the Blue Man Group on their visit to the Boston Children's Museum. 


A Series of Unfortunate Quacks

NOT meets Daniel Handler, author of the Lemony Snicket books of a Series of Unfortunate Events (soon to be a major motion picture) and most recently his novel Watch Your Mouth.  Here he contemplates a series of unfortunate events that might befall a duck.


Hail to the Duck

NOT gets some advice from President Jimmy Carter at a book signing.

But how do you do a Bronx Cheer?

NOT checks out how to sign your name with Ms. Adrian N. LeBlanc, author of  Random Family : Love, Drugs, Trouble, and Coming of Age in the Bronx at a visit to the University of Louisiana at Monroe.


I Liked the Sandman But It Made Me Sleepy

Neil Gaiman of the Sandman graphic novel fame contemplates how a duck could fit into future adventures. 

Don't Act Like a Brat

She didn't want to pose really with the duck, but she did anyways. Nancy Cartwright, best known for the voice of the animated Bart Simpson did not seem to be amused by the non-animated duck in Dave's hand.

Staggering, Simply Staggering

NOT gets a book autographed to him by Dave Eggers, author of A Heartbreaking work of Staggering Genius. His inscription to Dave: "Nice Duck."

Wait, which Corey are you again? 

Hey, didn't you have your own special on E! one night? The duck is given a chance to hang out with that quintessential 80's actor, Corey Feldman. NOT hopes he'll stand by him.  Pictured with Jen Bonardi.

Now I have you Mr. Bond....

It's a good thing that Richard Kiel, known for playing Jaws in the James bond fimls The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker didn't recognize Secret Agent Double O Quack or else he might have put the bite on him. 

Don't make me mad Mr. MaQuack, You wouldn't like me when I'm mad...

Lou Ferrigno, known as TV's the Hulk to Bill Bixby's Dr. Bruce Banner. Now the duck is all that is green looking. 

Things that quack in the night.

When he's not prowling against the undead on Buffy the Vampire Slayer,  Nicholas Brendon is caught at the San Francisco premiere of Psycho Beach Party and poses with David, and the duck (check out David's pocket). 

Michael, I have the feeling we're not in Walden anymore.

Mike, Zonker, BD, JJ and NOT? Hmmm, could there be a duck in Doonsbury's future? Keep an eye on the comics after NOT has a chance to meet Gary Trudeau. 

Cooter - Quacker - Quacker - Cooter

With Ben Jones, famous for the role of Cooter Davenport on the Dukes of Hazzard. Now he runs a tourist attraction in the Virginia mountains, complete with (one of) the General Lee. 

Ben was a Congressman from Georgia until he was beat by Newt Gingrich 


The meeting that was not a bust

Nikki Cox (also known for her work on Unhappily Ever After) and Nick Von Esmarch (not known for any other work) of the WB television show Nikki (gee where did they come up with that title?) pause in the airport with the duck. 

And Live really from New York, it's Today!

While it wasn't Al on the patio outside the studio, NOT and Katie Couric of the Today show hobnobbed in the Big Apple.

Quack from Los Angeles, it's Saturday Night!

Molly Shannon, before she was a Superstar met the duck when Lorne Michaels got his star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame
And Chris Kattan of SNL also met the duck there. 


And sometimes he misses the famous by a bit and has to settle for their handprints.


Most Photos courtesy of David Backman, except:

Photos courtesy of Michaela Murphy and Marc Elzweig: Vowell, Rocca, O'Rourke, Roberts, Glass, Kassell, John Hodgman (Chicago), Brad Meltzer, Johnathan Coulton, Paul Feig

Photos Courtesy of Michael Saletnik: Golden, Benson

Photos Courtesy of Alissa Daniels: Blue Man, Blue Man II, Chris Wink, Christopher Cassidy

Photos Courtesy of Russ Minton: LeBlanc

Photos by J.J. Kwashnak: Namath, Brown, Carter

Photos Courtesy of Jason Howard: Peter Agre

Last Updated: September 2007

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