Sesame Street is Brought To You Today By the Letter 'S'

Sesame Street Style

With David Backman

February 2003

Look around you boys and girls, and I'm sure you'll end up running into things that start with an S. 

NOT often does with David when they are out:

Like San Francisco

Or Saint Stupid

Or even a 24 hour diner in San Francisco - Sparky's. 


 Here he's being held by David Green, but since he doesn't start with an 'S' we'll just have to ignore him. 

But look- there's more. He found another S.


Sausage!  Yes boys and girls. 

In fact this is even a better S - it's the Schwarz Sausage Company. 

 Boy you are all smart. 

And doesn't that sausage look strong (another s) and sporty? 

He almost makes NOT feel...inadequate. 

Well that's all the time we have boys and girls. Visit us next week when we will be brought to you by the letter 'P.'

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Photos courtesy of David Backman

Last Updated October 2003