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As NOT has traveled around the world, he notices that the further you go, the more things look alike. Take for example, the fascination with Stonehenge.


The original. The "granddaddy" Stonehenge was visited by NOT in 1998.  This Stonehenge was bigger than 18 inches and was never in danger of being knocked over by a dwarfish duck.

Washington State

Then there is the American replica out in Washington built by Sam Hill




Why use concrete when you can just as easily use cars?  Thus "Carhenge" is born.

New Hampshire

And even ruins of ancient astronomical markers are likened as the "American Stonehenge," though it does not quite have the same look as all the other Stonehenges visited.


Stone is so hard to work with so why bother, when Foam will do?

Foamhenge 1

Foamhenge 2

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