The Seven Quacks You Can Say On TV

NOT Duck, and Lis, get on TV


For a small stuffed duck, NOT certainly has had his share of time on the Television. If Any Warhol is right, his clock is ticking.

NOT and Lis took part in the PBS auction fundraising for WGBH in Boston.

NOT hitches a ride along on Lis's belt as she applauds next to the gentleman with the red and green pom-poms. Why does he look like he's trying to land a ship?

And later NOT adorned the pocket square of the announcer as he reads results off. Luckily, he was not auctioned off himself.

In 2000, Lis once again found herself on TV with NOT, being interviewed by Mish Michaels, one of Channel 7 in Boston's meteorologists. NOT stood on her necklace like a good luck charm. 


And NOT's biggest appearance to date came on national television with Jeopardy!

In March of 2006, Lis and NOT went on NECN (New England Cable Network) live!  NOT let Lis do all the talking.

While in Serbia, NOT joined in a press conference on Serbian national television.

Photos courtesy of Doug Larrick and Carrie Chen, Tracy Fulton, Kathy Hyland (Serbia)

Updated July 2006