Just For The Quack of It

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One of the joys of being NOT duck is he gets to travel the world and meet tons of interesting and famous people. But another joy is just going out and visiting something just for the fun of it. There is the large, the small and the just unusual, and luckily NOT and friends are there.

The world is full of the fun and the vaguely historical or significant. NOT owes a debt to those who help guide him to these places. The people at the book and Web site Roadside America celebrate the fun of America. The books of Chris Epting highlighting the offbeat places that are part of our common history.

Anyone can go to the Eiffel Tower, but it's the fun of travel to find the largest six-pack in the world.

Or get to visit a baby skunk with his friend Alissa.

World's Largest Six-Pack and Largest Chest of Drawers
San Francisco's Wave Organ
The Tree That Owns Itself
Learning Is Fun Sculpture
One Big Rooster
Star Wars Mailbox
Buckhead's Storytelling Deer
Listening to the Rolling Stones in Fenway Park
Star Trek The Vegas Experience
Cabbage Patch Factory - Babyland
The Iowa State Fair
Ellijay Apple Festival
Weinermobile and Nutmobile
Saint Stupid Parade, San Francisco
Tufts University Homecoming




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Last Updated September 2008