Cruising California

New For the Birds in Bodega (2017)
  San Francisco Earthquake Hydrant (2014)
  Macondray Lane, San Francisco (2014)
  Around California (2012)
  Exploring the Sutro Bath Ruins (2010)
  More Around the San Francisco Bay Area (2010)
  Tanks for the Memories - The George Patton Memorial Museum (2009)
  Around California in Some Strange Places (2009)
  Cartoons (2009)
  Better off Dead..Duck (2009)
  Wave Organ, San Francisco (2008)
  Hiller Aviation Museum and Institute (2008)
   Randomness in the City by the Bay (2008)
   Some just random visits for NOT and company in Napa and San Francisco (2007)
   With Bluntman and Chronic (2007)
  Back in the "Old West" of Pollock Pines (2007)
  "Hey Sailor!" The Queen Mary 2 visits San Francisco (2007)
  The Ennis House in Los Angeles (2007)
  The Centennial of the San Francisco Earthquake (2006)


Hiking in Mill Valley looking for the remote Tourist Club (2005)
   Appearing on Jeopardy! (2003)


Looking for things with the letter S in San Francisco (2003)
   Not Whining in Napa (2002)


Hollywood Sights (2002)
   Happy Times On The Streets (2002)


Children Museums (2002)


Random Visits around San Francisco (2001)
   Saint Stupid Parade (2001)


Cruising Santa Cruz (2001)


Yosemite Park (2001)


San Diego Zoo (2000)


Los Angeles Fantasy (2000)
San Francisco along the 48 State Route (Part I) (1999)
San Francisco along the 48 State Route (Part II) (1999)
The Central Part of California - San Francisco to LA (1999)
Hooray for Hollywood! (1999)
Lost in Los Angeles (1999)
Southern California - Los Angeles and San Diego (1999)
  Alive in Death Valley (1999)
  Disneyland in Anaheim (1998)
  Napa Valley for Wine Tasting (1997)
  Monterey and San Francisco for the Rivers' Wedding (1996)
  Mawing Doorway in San Francisco
  Random Hearts Left in San Francisco
  Winter Shopping in Tahoe

At the California State Capitol 
California Colleges and Universities

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