Good Old Georgia

New Yet Still More Various Around Georgia (2014)
   Confederate Air Force Missile (2008)
   Still More Various Things Around Georgia (2008)
   Various Things Around Georgia (2008)
   The Memorial to a War Criminal in Andersonville (2008)
   The Mysterious Georgia Guidestones (2007)
   Brasstown Bald - Highest Point in the State (2007)
   Various Sights around Georgia (2007)
   The "First Cannonball Fired Upon Fort Sumter" (2007)
   "The Storyteller" - Atlanta (2007)
  The Tree that Owns Itself, Athens, GA (2007)
  Hanging with Marble Animals in Jasper (2007)
  The Little White House in Warm Springs (2006)
  Finding Where Babies Come From at the Cabbage Patch Kid Factory (2004)
  Meeting President Carter at the Plains Peanut Festival (2004)
  Falling for the Amicalola Falls (2003)
  Crawling through the Colossal Colon Tour (2003)
  Wandering to Ducktown (2002)
  Jimmy Carter's Plains and Civil War Andersonville (2002)
  Ellijay Apple Festival (2002)


The Big Peach - Atlanta (2000)


Athens Georgia and the University of Georgia (2000)
Stopping on the 48 States Run Through Georgia (1999)

At the Georgia State Capitol
Georgia Colleges and Universities

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