North America Travels

It's Ontario, Quack (2010)
  Hey! It's Haiti (2009)
  Bouncing around Minnesota and Ontario (2008)
  Exploring Lighthouses of the Canadian Maritimes (2006)
  Coffee, Costa Rica and a few Alligators (2006)
  The Pyramids of Mexico (2005)
  Cruising to Alaska, the Yukon and Vancouver (2004)
  Cruising to the Bahamas (2004)
  Visiting an Avian friend in Panama (2003)
  Coasting in Costa Rica (2003)
  Beer in Belize (2003)
Curacao in the Caribbean (2002)
Toronto Canada again (2002)
Cruising to Bermuda (2000)
South of the Border - Tijuana! (1999)
Toronto, Canada (1999)
Vancouver for the Skiing (1999)
Relaxing in the Bahamas (1998)
Viva Mexico! (1997)
Montreal, Canada (1996)

United States Travels

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