Who is this NOT Duck?

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NOT Duck (pictured at right) is a small stuffed mallard duck who has been traveling the world, having his picture taken in a wide variety of locations, and with an ever growing number of interesting people and celebrities. He was the unofficial mascot for Zardoz Magazine. Despite being small in stature, since 1996 NOT has been having big adventures and thanks to a growing legion of fans, finding more interesting places to see.  NOT gets around especially well since he can easily fit into a suitcase or a pocket  and hitch a ride along on a trip.

Where did the idea come from?

blank.gif (810 bytes) First traveling personal items traveling the world was the stuff of urban legends.  Then with the explosion of the Web, people began to put their vacation pictures online for the world to see. Sometimes these people would bring along a mascot or toy who would be in many of the pictures.

NOT Duck has his genesis at Tufts University, which has a banner that alumni can borrow and bring on travels. That banner has been on several mountain climbs and traveled in space on a shuttle mission commanded by an alumnus.  Many of the originators of NOT were alums of Tufts.

In addition, over the years there have been several stories of purloined frogs or gnome statues that send postcards from various locations around the world. There is even a touring vest and an octopus. NOT Duck began as our version of these travels and has become our ambassador of goodwill. How can you not love a cuddly little duck?

To learn more, you can read his story.

O.K. - but why a duck?

blank.gif (810 bytes) Ah well, now that's an interesting story. NOT Duck's genesis lies not as a traveler hurtled to our planet from a dying planet in a far off galaxy, but rather in the cult film Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil Mutant, Alien, Flesh Eating, Hellbound, Crawling, Zombified, Living Dead..Part II in Shocking 2-D. So many people think that they are the only ones who know and love this film.  They are not alone

Besides, ducks are cool.

Where has he gotten to? (or "Where in the world is NotCarmen Duckiego?")

blank.gif (810 bytes) NOT Duck has visited (or at least touched) every state in the United States at least once (no small part through the efforts of David Backman and his 48 states journey in 1999, dubbed WesTrek '99). A couple of states that need more of a proper visit including  Delaware, Indiana, Maryland and South Carolina, but travels continue constantly.

Internationally, he has been to many countries and on every continent. Not bad for a duck with no official passport. [They don't issue one to waterfowl it seems.]

NOT has found his way to the ends of the earth, visiting the South Pole and Antarctica! In addition, the duck likes to partake of special events, including weddings, holidays and visiting the Waffle House. He hobnobs with the rich and famous.  He's even been to Mars. (Kinda)

The travels, and some detours are chronicled here in his website.  Some of his firsts are noted here.

Someone has put together how to communicate with animals internationally.  Go here to learn how to speak duck in over 30 languages!

So what's the purpose of this website? 

Notduck.com is here for the revelry in travel, the spirit of fun and the enjoyment of frivolity. No high and mighty lofty ambitions here. Well maybe world peace, but that's only if there is time.  A Nobel Peace Prize would be nice too. Peace, love and quacks.


And he should be with you in your travels!!!!

Updated June 2006