I Remember My First...

Duck Milestones

March 1996 NOT takes his first trip. Destination: Philadelphia
March 1996 NOT first visits North America outside the U.S. - Canada.
January 1997 NOT first visits Asia - China.
October 1997  NOT first visits Europe - London, Paris, Rome.
May 1999 NOT embarks with Dave on a 48 state tour of the United States.
October 1999  NOT (and Dave) return from the road trip. NOT has now seen most of the states in the United States. While on the trip he met his first celebrity.
May 2001 NOT first visits Africa on safari.
November 2001 NOT first visits Antarctica and reaches the South Pole.
November 2001 NOT first visits Australia flying back from Antarctica.  He will return for a real visit in March 2003.
January 2002 NOT first visits South America on a trip to the Galapagos Islands. He has now visited all seven continents.
May 2003 NOT makes his national television debut on Jeopardy with Elayna Kostaftis


Updated June 2006