Long Ago When the World Quacked

or Why a Duck?

The Origin of NOT Duck's Tours

"Lis, I saw this really weird movie the other night; I think you and your Tufts friends would like it."

With those words, a duck was born.  It all came from Lis Daniel's friend Laurie Brennan, telling her about this movie she saw.

There is this movie, a really bad movie, in fact, called Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Attack of the Mutant Hellbound Flesh Eating Evil Dead Part 2. Some bored NYU student took the original "Night of the Living Dead", wiped out the soundtrack and dubbed in his own dialogue. It's really stupid. It's also kind of amusing, in a stupid sort of way.

Anyway, there's one scene where the woman has found an abandoned farmhouse and is frantically looking around and saying "Ohmigod ohmigod" in this horrible (dubbed) falsetto voice. In the midst of this you hear someone say "quack." Just like that, just "quack!" The woman responds with "What the hell was that? Is there a duck in here?" More "quacks" and the woman says, "What the fuck is going on? Where's the duck?" It's very silly and we all found it very funny. It was even funnier the second time. They nicknamed the film Night of the Duck, which provided our little plush mascot with his name, NOT Duck (Night Of The Duck - get it?).

In the springtime, Chris Thurrott was looking at spending time in Singapore for his work and, in the spirit of the Tufts banner which has been all over the world and into space, proposed a group banner that people could take with them as they travel. Well, considering the sewing talents of many in this group, a stuffed animal seemed like a not too far off idea.

So a duck was procured, but then Chris didn't get to go to Singapore. But NOT Duck began to travel. Joined occasionally by his identical twin DOT Duck (Day of the Duck) the duck began traveling. NOT fits easily into any suitcase for travel. And he doesn't get car sick, if you are are driving.

So that's the story. If you can find this movie, rent it. Then you'll understand our fowl fascination with these feathered friends.


Any friend of NOT's can ask to take him along with them. The only requirements are:

  1. You must ask for him in time to get it to you.
  2. You must provide at least one photo of him at your location, preferably somewhere that identifies your location.
  3. You must get the photo(s) and duck back to J.J. as soon as possible.

Future journeys will be documented on these pages for all to see.

So remember to plan on the duck when you go.

Why Don't You Come Up And Quack Me Some Time?


Page Updated June 2006

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