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Alabama A&M University

Founded: 1875 Alabama A&M
Nickname/Mascot: Bulldogs, Lady Bulldogs
Colors: Maroon, White
Motto: Service is Sovereignty
Location: Normal
While many of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities started out as Normal Schools, Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University is located in Normal.


Alabama State University

Founded: 1867 Alabama State University
Nickname/Mascot: Hornets
Colors: Black, Old Gold
Motto: When we teach class, the world takes note.
Location: Montgomery
Montgomery is home to the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Alabama State University. 


Athens State University

Founded: 1822 Athens State University
Nickname/Mascot: Bears
Colors: Royal Blue, White
Motto: Building Success Stories
Location: Athens


Auburn University

Founded: 1856 Auburn
Nickname/Mascot: Tigers / Aubie the Tiger
War Eagle
Colors: Burnt Orange, Navy Blue
Motto: For The Advancement of Science and Arts
Location: Auburn
In one of the wonderfully offbeat college traditions, Auburn has the "Rolling of Toomer's Corner, where following an athletic victory, students rush to celebrate by toilet papering a tree on the corner of campus. NOT just wondered what was left in the dormitory stalls now.
Auburn Univeristy Alabama Auburn Univeristy


Birmingham-Southern College

Founded: 1856 Birmingham South College
Nickname/Mascot: Panthers
Colors: Black, Gold
Motto: Pro Christo et Republica
(For Christ and the Republic)
Location: Birmingham
Birmingham-Southern College came about from the merger of Southern University and Birmingham College in 1918. Naturally the came up with a new an inventive name.


Concordia College

Founded: 1922 Concordia College
Nickname/Mascot: Hornets
Colors: Green, Gold
Location: Selma
Founded in 1922, Concordia College was known until 1981 as Alabama Lutheran Academy and Junior College.


H Council Trenholm State Technical College

Founded: 1966 Trnholm State Technical College
Location: Montgomery
This two year technical school that is an Historically Black College is located in Montgomery, Alabama.


Gadsden State Community College

Founded: 1925 Gadsden State Community College
Nickname/Mascot: Cardinals
Location: Gadsden


Huntington College

Founded: 1854 Huntington College
Nickname/Mascot: Hawks
Colors: Scarlet, Pearl Grey
Motto: Wisdom, Faith, Service
Location: Montgomery
Located in Montgomery, Huntington College is affiliated with the United Methodist Church.


J. F. Drake State Technical College

Founded: 1961 JF Drake State Technical College
Location: Huntsville
Little seems to be known about the two year technical school that is an Historically Black College in north Alabama.


Lawson State Community College

Founded: 1949 Lawson State Community College
Nickname/Mascot: Cougars
Location: Birmingham
An HBCU located in Birmingham.


Miles College

Founded: 1905 Miles College
Nickname/Mascot: Golden Bears
Colors: Purple, Gold
Motto: Sapienta et Pax et Amor Ominibus
(Knowledge and Peace and Love for All)
Location: Fairfield
A private school affiliated with the CME (Christian Methodist Episcopal) Church, the Historically Black College lies just west of Birmingham. Miles College Seal


Oakwood University

Founded: 1896 Oakwood College
Nickname/Mascot: Ambassadors
Colors: Blue, Gold
Motto: Today's College for Tomorrow's Leaders
Location: Huntsville
Oakwood University produced the gospel singing group Take 6 who originally got together while students at the school.
  Oakwood University Seal


Samford University

Founded: 1841 Samford University
Nickname/Mascot: Bulldogs
Colors: Red, Blue
Motto: We nurture persons -- for God, for learning, forever
Location: Homewood
  Beesom at Samford College


Selma University

Founded: 1878 Selma University
Nickname/Mascot: Bulldogs (Unofficial)
Location: Selma
Not surprisingly, Selma University is a HBCU that can be found in Selma, Alabama.


Stillman College

Founded: 1874 Stillman College
Nickname/Mascot: Tigers, Lady Tigers
Colors: Navy Blue, Vegas Gold
Location: Tuscaloosa
Tuscaloosa is home of not only the main campus of the University of Alabama, but also this HBCU.


Talladega College

Founded: 1867 Talladega College
Nickname/Mascot: Tornadoes
Colors: Crimson, Blue
Motto: An Education of Distinction
Location: Talladega
Alabama's oldest Historically Black College began as a pledge between two former slaves to educate the children.


Troy University

Founded: 1887 Troy Birmingham
Nickname/Mascot: Trojans
Colors: Cardinal, Black, Silver
Motto: Educate the mind to think, the heart to feel and the body to act (Main University Motto)
Location: Birmingham (Birmingham Campus)
Troy University is located in Troy, but this campus of the university is in Birmingham.


Tuskegee University

Founded: 1881 Tuskeegee Institute
Nickname/Mascot: Golden Tigers
Colors: Crimson, Gold
Motto: Scientia Principaus Opera
(Knowledge, Nation, Deeds)
Location: Tuskegee
Dr. Booker T. Washington served as the first president to the school, and the school is part of the Tuskegee Institute National Historical Site.


University of Alabama

Founded: 1831 University of Alabama
Nickname/Mascot: Crimson Tide / Big Al
Colors: Crimson, White
Location: Tuscaloosa
Only in Alabama would you find a school who's mascot is an elephant, and the team's name is the Crimson Tide. Those two go together how...?  And isn't it a bit environmental incorrect to be associated with red tide?


University of Alabama at Birmingham

Founded: 1969 U of Alabama Birmingham
Nickname/Mascot: Blazers / Blaze the Dragon
Colors: Green, White, Gold
Location: Birmingham
While less than 40 years old, UAB is the third largest university in Alabama after U of A and Auburn. Plus their mascot is really cool. How cool is it to have a dragon as your mascot.. NOT might not be as excited with fear of getting eaten, for he is squishy and tastes good with ketchup. UAB and Blaze


University of Alabama in Huntsville

Founded: 1969 U of Alabama Huntsville
Nickname/Mascot: Chargers
Colors: Royal Blue, White
Location: Huntsville
Being near NASA in Huntsville must rub of in science. The first "high-temperature" superconductor was discovered at UAH and the first U.S. experiment flown aboard the Soviet Mir space station came from UAH.


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