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The Schools of Louisiana

University of Duck Seal

Centenary College of Louisiana

Founded: 1825 Cetenary College
Cetenary College Marker
Nickname/Mascot: Gents and Ladies / Skeeter the Catahoula
Colors: Maroon, White
Motto: Labor Omnia Vincit (Work Conquers All)
Location: Shreveport
The oldest chartered liberal arts college in the US west of the Mississippi River, the campus currently sits on a hill in Shreveport, LA, having moved there from Jackson, MS in the early 1900's.

Grambling State University

Founded: 1901 Gramblin University
Nickname/Mascot: Tigers
Colors: Black, Gold
Motto: Where Everybody is Somebody
Location: Grambling
Down the highway from Louisiana Tech is this Historically Black University and was the home of legendary football coach Eddie Robinson until his death in 2007. The school takes its name from Judson Grambling, a sawmill owner who donated the land for the school.


Louisiana College

Founded: 1906 Louisiana College
Nickname/Mascot: Wildcats
Colors: Orange, Blue
Motto: Deo, Veritati, Patriae (God, Truth, Country)
Location: Pineville
Among Louisiana College graduates is Jimmie Davis, singer and Governor of Louisiana.


Louisiana State University at Alexandria

Founded: 1959 LASUA
Nickname/Mascot: Generals
Colors: Royal Blue, Gold
Location: Alexandria
LSUA became a university in 2002 after beginning life as a two year community related college.


Louisiana State University at Shreveport

Founded: 1967 LSU Shreveport
Nickname/Mascot: Pilots
Colors: Blue, White, Gold
Location: Shreveport
LSUS is the only public four-year university in the Shreveport metro area, educating over 4,000 students.


Louisiana Tech University

Founded: 1894 Louisiana Tech University
Nickname/Mascot: Bulldogs and Lady Techsters / Tech (Bulldog)
Colors: Red, Reflex Blue
Motto: Non Sibi Sed Suis (Not for one's self, but for one's own)
Location: Ruston
Originally chartered for "for the education of the white children of the State of Louisiana in the arts and sciences," Tech integrated in 1965.


McNeese State University

Founded: 1939 McNeese State University
Nickname/Mascot: Cowboys
Colors: Royal Blue, Sunflower Gold
Location: Lake Charles
The school is named for John McNeese, a pioneering educator in the Lake Charles area in the southern part of the state.


Northwestern State University

Founded: 1884 Northwestern State University
Nickname/Mascot: Demons
Colors: Purple, White
Location: Natchitoches
NOT found it extremely amusing to be here in the heart of Louisiana and the south and people scream "Go Demons!" 


Southeastern Louisiana University

Founded: 1925 Southern Louisiana Univeristy
Nickname/Mascot: Lions/ Roomie the Lion
Colors: Green, Gold
Motto: Fidelitas Integritas Fortitudo (Fidelity, Integrity, Fortitude)
Location: Hammond
Originally the Hammond Junior College, the school became the Southern Louisiana College in 1928 and achieved university status in 1970.


Southern University Shreveport

Founded: 1967 Southern Shreveport
Nickname/Mascot: Port City Jaguars
Colors: Blue, Yellow and White
Motto: Opportunity Starts Here
Location: Shreveport
Initially designated a two-year commuter college to serve the Shreveport-Bossier City area, today the college is accredited to award associate degrees.


University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Founded: 1898 Univeristy of Louisiana at Lafayette
Nickname/Mascot: Rajin' Cajuns / Cayenne
Colors: Vermillion, Evangeline White
Motto: Fortiter, Feliciter, Fideliter
Boldly, Happily, Faithfully
Location: Lafayette
While it fancies itself as "The University of Louisiana", legislation says otherwise, that the "At Lafayette" is supposed to be there.
NOT is hiding in the "O" in Louisiana. NOT in the O


University of Louisiana at Monroe

Founded: 1931 ULM
Nickname/Mascot: Warhawks / Ace
Colors: Maroon, Gold
Location: Monroe
Formerly known as Northeast Louisiana University, the school was renamed the University of Louisiana Monroe in 1999. Friend of NOT Dr. Russ Minton is a professor there.


Louisiana Delta Community College

Founded: 2001 Louisiana Delta Community College
Nickname/Mascot: Knights
Colors: Maroon, Grey
Location: Monroe
Friend of NOT J.J. Kwashnak teaches there.


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