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University of Duck Seal


Appalachian State University

Founded: 1899 Appalachian State University
Nickname/Mascot: Mountineers/ Yosef
Colors: Black, Gold
Motto: Esse quam videri
(To be, rather than to seem)
Location: Boone
Nestled in the mountains of the western part of the state, Boon is home to Appalachian State, a Division II Football powerhouse and one of the more beautiful campuses NOT has visited.

Bennett College for Women

Founded: 1873 Bennett College
Nickname/Mascot: Belles
Colors: Blue, White
Location: Greensboro
An Historically Black College, Bennett began as a normal school, to educate teachers. In 1926 the school reorganized as a college for women, a designation it still holds today.

Duke University

Founded: 1838 Duke Road
Nickname/Mascot: Blue Devils
Colors: Duke Blue, White
Motto: Erudito et Religio
(Knowledge and Faith)
Location: Durham
Famed as a men's basketball powerhouse, the schools gothic cathedral is almost as well know as a symbol of Duke.

East Carolina University

Founded: 1907 East Carolina College
Nickname/Mascot: Pirates / PeeDee the Pirate
Colors: Old Gold, Royal Purple
Motto: Servire
(To Serve)
Location: Greenville
ECU is the fastest growing campus in the University of North Carolina System. Located in Greenville, many of the main campus buildings boast Spanish-Mission style architecture, inspired by original Chairman of the Board of Trustees Thomas Jarvis' experience as ambassador to Brazil.

Elizabeth City State University

Founded: 1891 Elizabeth City State University
Nickname/Mascot: Vikings
Colors: Royal Blue, White
Motto: To Live is To Learn
Location: Elizabeth City
Located near the outer banks, the Historically Black University began life as a normal school chartered by the state legislature to train educators.

Fayetteville State University

Founded: 1867 Fayetteville State
Nickname/Mascot: Broncos
Colors: White, Blue
Motto: Res Non Verba
(Deeds Not Words)
Location: Fayetteville
Found in Fayetteville. Who would have guessed.

Greensboro College

Founded: 1830 Greensboro College
Nickname/Mascot: The Pride
Colors: Green, White, Silver
Motto: Palma non sine pulvere (No reward without effort)
Location: Greensboro
Greensboro College began life as a women's college, one of the oldest women's colleges in the country.

Livingstone College

Founded: 1879 Livingstone College
Nickname/Mascot: Blue Bears
Colors: Columbia Blue, Black
Motto: A Call to Commitment. Taking Livingstone College to the next level
Location: Salisbury
An Historically Black College, Livingstone was founded by the African Methodist Episcopal Church for the training of ministers for the area around Salisbury, in the middle of North Carolina.

North Carolina A & T University

Founded: 1891 NC A&T
Nickname/Mascot: Aggies / Bulldog
Colors: Blue, Gold
Motto: Mens et Manus
(Mind and Hands)
Location: Greensboro
NCA&T is one of the largest producer of African American engineers in the country. Located in Greensboro, four of the schools freshmen, Ezell Blair (Jibreel Khazan), Joseph McNeil, Franklin McCain, and David Richmond, started one of the first actions of the civil rights movement, "sitting-in" at the downtown Woolworths. NCA&T Duck Closeup

North Carolina Central University

Founded: 1909 NC Central University
Nickname/Mascot: Eagles
Colors: Maroon, Gray
Motto: Truth and Service
Location: Durham

North Carolina State University

Founded: 1887 NC State
Nickname/Mascot: Wolfpack
Colors: Maroon, Gray
Location: Raleigh
The largest campus in the University of North Carolina system, NCSU is the chief technological campus in the system. The school was originally founded as the "North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts."

Saint Augustine's College

Founded: 1867 St. Augustine's College
Nickname/Mascot: Mighty Falcons
Colors: Blue, White
Motto: Veritas vos liberabit
(The Truth Will Set You Free)
Location: Raleigh
Nowhere near the city in Florida, this Saint Augustine's can be found in Raleigh

Salem College

Founded: 1772 Salem College
Nickname/Mascot: Spirits
Colors: Blue, Yellow
Motto: Reach Within, Shape the Future
Location: Winston-Salem
Salem College holds the distinction of being the oldest institution founded for women that has remained a women's college in the nation. Founded  by the Moravians, it sits in the historic Moravian community of New Salem in Winston-Salem.

Shaw University

Founded: 1865 Shaw University
Nickname/Mascot: Bears
Colors: Maroon, White
Motto: Pro Christo Et Humanaitate
(For Christ and Humanity)
Location: Raleigh
An Historically Black University in Raleigh, it was at Shaw that the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) was founded at a conference in 1960.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Founded: 1795 UNC Chapel Hill
Nickname/Mascot: Tarheels/ Rameses (Bighorn Sheep)
Colors: Carolina Blue, White
Motto: Lux libertas
(Light and Liberty)
Location: Chapel Hill
The flagship of the University of North Carolina System, it is the oldest public university in the U.S. While chartered after the University of Georgia, it was the first to admit students.

University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Founded: 1946 UNC Charlotte
Nickname/Mascot: Forty-Niners/Norm the Niner
Colors: Green, White
Location: Charlotte
Founded in the post-WWII era to educate returning G.I.s, UNC Charlotte the athletic team are the Fourty-Niners refers to the fact that Charlotte was almost closed down in 1949 when the University System closed down the G.I. bill Charlotte Center, and the city took over Charlotte College.

University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Founded: 1891 UNC Greensboro
Nickname/Mascot: Spartan & Minerva
Colors: Gold, White, Navy Blue
Location: Greensboro
Starting life as a public women's college, the school became a State Normal and Industrial School, and several more incarnations and names before 1963 when men were admitted and the school became UNC Greensboro.

Wake Forest University

Founded: 1834 Wake Forest University
Nickname/Mascot: Demon Deacons / The Demon Deacon
Colors: Old Gold, Black
Motto: Pro humanitate
(For Humanity)
Location: Winston-Salem
The school was originally named the "Wake Forest Manual Labor Institute," because students and staff were required to spend half of each day doing manual labor on the plantation Wake Forest Arch

Winston-Salem State University

Founded: 1892 Winston Salem State University
Nickname/Mascot: Rams
Colors: Red, White
Motto: Enter to Learn, Depart to Serve
Location: Winston-Salem


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