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University of Duck Seal


Oberlin College

Founded: 1833 Oberlin College
Nickname/Mascot: Yeomen/Yeowomen
Colors: Crimson, Gold
Motto: Learning and Labor
Location: Oberlin
Oberlin College was the first college in the US to enroll women on an equal basis with men. Among the famous alumni is Thorton Wilder, famous for the play Our Town.  Oberlin was originally visited as part of the "A Volvo, A Duck and 48 States" tour.

Ohio State University

Founded: 1870 OSU
Nickname/Mascot: Buckeyes / Brutus Buckeye
Colors: Scarlet, Gray
Motto: Disciplina in civitatem
Education for Citizenship
Location: Columbus
OSU is the fourth largest college campus in the United States in terms of enrollment, with over 57,000 students in 2012-2013.

Wright State University

Founded: 1967 Wright State University
Nickname/Mascot: Rowdy Raiders / Balto
Colors: Green, Gold
Location: Dayton
Located next to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. All academic buildings are connected by an underground tunnel system that can be used as shelters in case of military action


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