University of Duck Seal

The Schools of Rhode Island

University of Duck Seal


Brown University

Founded: 1764 Brown University
Nickname/Mascot: Bears/Bruno
Colors: Seal Brown, Cardinal Red, White
Motto:  In Deo Speramus
(In God We Hope)
Location: Providence
Brown was the first college in the U.S. to accept students regardless of their affiliation.


Johnson and Wales University

Founded: 1914 Johnson and Wales
Nickname/Mascot: Wildcats
Colors: Blue, White
Location: Providence
Johnson and Wales University operates 4 campuses around the country and is well known for its Culinary Arts program.


Rhode Island School of Design

Founded: 1877 RISD
Nickname/Mascot: "Nads"
Location: Providence
RISD has had sports come and go, usually under the team name of the "Nads."  In 2001, the Nads created the infamous, and unofficial mascot, "Scrotie," a man-sized penis wearing a red cape.


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